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    Tire clearance for 1989 Wicked Fat please

    I have a 1991 Wicked and run 2.3 Compass Rat Trap Pass tires - they roll really well and fit fine but my chains sometimes hits the rear wheel's sidewall and grimes it up a bit. No big deal.
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    Buck Shaver all original $1500

    Hey, what size is this, how much are you asking and where are you located? Thanks.
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    Looking for a Santana Moda 21"

    Hey guys, I've got a wicked that I love but have seen some pics here and elsewhere of the Santana Moda with the Columbus MAX tubing and I'm dying to find one to buy and ride the heck outta of. I ride a 21" 1991 Wicked and the fit is perfect, looking for a similar size. I know this is a long...
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    1991 Wicked for Sale 21" $800 canadian bucks

    Wicked Fat Chance (1991) 21" 21" wicked here - In excellent condition. Suntour XC Pro: Brake levers, shifters, rear/front derailleur, crank, hubs + headset (both w/ 'grease guard')comes w/ brand new dart and smoke tires. Shimano Deore XT seatpost and canti brakes. Tioga T-bone stem.
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    1988 Fisher Mt. Tam for trade

    Hey guys, So i have this sweet old but beat up needs a new paint job Fisher Mt. Tam that could use some TLC. It was a top of the line bike back in the day (and check out the sweet fillet brazing). I'm offering it as a FRAME and FORK + STEM only and am looking to TRADE it for a frame (w/ fork...
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    To paint or not to paint...91 yo eddy

    So I'm just a couple of weeks away from having this baby delivered to me. It will be my second Fat. It's a 91 Yo Eddy size large. Thinking about giving it a paint job, but not sure. Any ideas what the stock colours were for the '91's? I went on Retrobike to have a look at a 91 catalogue...
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    1991 21" Wicked

    1991 Wicked 21" Serial # 143W11 Mostly Suntour xc pro save for the deore xt front derailleur and the shimano cantilever brakes. Great on the trails and the road. I love how this bike feels. You'll notice a mark in the top tube. Happened when I took a spill on the trail. Fortunately it's...
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    My first fat

    Hi All, Been waiting to get my hands on one of these for years and I finally did! It was tucked away in someone's basement and is in good condition. Few nicks and scratches, but they're just cosmetic. I remember 20 years ago I used to dream about owning one of these...better late than...