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    Seat Collar

    Hi Tom, I only like to inform you, that the diameter of a Ti collar is slightly larger than a Yo Eddy collar (32,0 to 32,5 mm). A Yo Eddy collar works also (but a bit more tight), I thought, you should know that! Enclosed some pics of my beloved 93 Titanium - first with the original Ti collar...
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    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    Hi Scott, you're right - I think the 1x12 drivetrains are as successful as they are because of their simplicity! No chain chattering... I like that too! My 2016 Yo Eddy 2.0 with 1x11 Shimano XT-Group has also no front derailleur ;)(y)! Cheers, Daniel
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    1994 Wicked Lite Frame $749 Like New

    @chevron - ...the Fat Chance seatpost Collar arrived yesterday :)(y)! Thank you!!!
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    Avid Tri Align /Paul's / Cook QR / TNT TI Ultimate's

    Is the clear water bottle still available? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    Me too ;)(y)!!!
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    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    ...that sounds great! You can be sure that I'll be there too ;)(y)!!! I like Chris' new creations too... suitable to this thread please consider the following picture of the first Ti Yo Eddy from Chris' new shop: It has been taken at 2019 Downieville Classic before "this damned pandemic"...
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    FAT CHANCE Titanium 1994 Large

    Stunning 🥰! Especially the FATLANTA graphics... very cool idea! I'm pretty sure, it rides like "hell" :cool:(y)!!!
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    1992 Catalogue

    @I-ROBOT - It's always a pleasure to read about your experiences with FCC - thanks a lot :)(y)!
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    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    ...exactly what I think - FAT CHANCE bicycles forever ;)(y)!!! ...that would be absolutely fantastic - I'll keep my fingers crossed :giggle:(y)!!!
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    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    Fantastic :love:(y)!!! No wonder, that you've got gas in your blood!!! By the way... only eggcups can be made of carbonfiber - no doubt, mechanical art has to be made of steal, titanium, aluminium and soul... like bikes made by Chris Chance ;)(y)! I grow up in a craftsman-family... cars (now...
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    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    ...I see, that we've similar passions! Unique I love your comparison to a classic Formula 1 car... ;)(y)! I can really, really follow the "beat" you've specified: (Sorry for OT - but I have to do that!) Nothing to explain, or? Cheers & best regards, Daniel
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    97 Ti

    Nobody ;)(y)! Wow, the Moots Ti stem looks fantastic... especially in combination with your Moots Ti Riser bar... simpy perfection :love:! Can't wait for update-pics... ...cheers, Daniel
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    Another Wicked Lite (1993)

    @AB - ...I really love the paint-job - amazing :love:! Mmmh, I think a Salsa Moto roller stem would make it perfect... ;)(y)!
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    97 Ti

    @Stingercut - ...please show us more pics of your fantastic FAT Ti ;)(y)!
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    Rescued an 80’s Fat Chance

    Wow, it's in fantastic condition for its age... keep it and ride it "on a sunday afternoon" ;)(y)!