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    FS: Rock Shox Judy SL ti Parts, Forks, Steerers

    I found a lot of Rock Shox parts in the shop while I was blizzard cleaning last night. I know someone can use this stuff, because it can be really hard to find now. There is a bunch here, to the point that I can't even tell you exactly what's in the lot. Here's a cursory glance, though: SL ti...
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    [FS] Fat Chance Vintage Shorts (L)

    I have had these in my closet for a while, and there is no sense letting them take up space. Might as well let these be a part of someone's collection. These are vintage, old and used. While they are in excellent condition, they are 30+ year old Spandex. They have a stiff and pilled chamois...
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    FS: 26er Gunnar RockHound 18" Unpainted Frame

    So this has been a project that was replaced by a GT Xizang and now it hangs lonely on my wall. I don't see this getting built ever, unless I decide to do a weird commuter thing, which isn't likely. It's N-1 for now. It's an '03 Gunnar (Waterford) RockHound mountain bike frame in beautiful...
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    FS: Avid Ultimate Brake Levers, Black

    These have been hanging around on my wife's bike that she doesn't really ride anymore, so it all came apart this past week. I upgraded her stuff to newer components and I probably won't have a home for these anytime soon. These are a solid 9/10 if not better condition. They currently have the...
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    FS: Vintage MTB and New Parts & Tools

    This is a copy of my local CL post, so if you see anything you want, let me know. Have a bunch of parts from a worskhop cleanout this weekend. All parts are in great shape, and prices are best offer. Anything that doesn't sell here locally will go to eBay next weekend. Make offers on multiple...
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    Buying & Selling Using PayPal

    PayPal is a great way to create your own cashless and even international transaction, and it's a very stout, solid system. I have been using it since the early days in 2001, and have rarely—if ever—had issues with their system. I still find it difficult to believe when someone selling something...
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    WTB: Spinergy RevRox

    Looking for an older set of Spinergy RevRox MTBs for a bit of a mild resto project. Cheaper is better, but in good shape. Mine were stolen in the late 90s and I never got over it. ;)
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    Proceed With Caution: eBay Yo Eddy

    Anyone familiar with the seller of this frame? I had a feeling it may be a M/L, which for some reason I am still searching for. I have contacted the seller twice with no response. Upon inspecting...
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    Carver XC410 Retro Fork

    Anyone ever try one of these forks? Looks like a nice inexpensive option for the rigid build that has all the right dimensions and light weight. Looks cool, too.
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    WTB: Early (95/96) Rock Shox Judy SL/XC Parts

    Looking for aftermarket and OE replacement or repair parts for '95-era Judy XC and SL, more specifically. Aftermarket cartridges and soft/extrasoft springs to replace old elastomers would be awesome. SL bits & bobs, crowns with long aluminum 1" or 1.125" steerer tubes, and any old early Judy...
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    FS: Giro Supermoto Helmet, M/L (blue & yellow)

    Nearly flawless, never used Giro SuperMoto helmet in royal blue and yellow, size MEDIUM/LARGE. The SuperMoto is one of the best MTB helmets I ever used, and I had this for a GT Psyclone project I was working on years ago that never was completed. Been in a storage container for many years, no...
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    Pseudo Vintage Parts FS

    I found a used vintage frame for sale locally and while it is incomplete, there are a few parts on it that I won't use in the restoration. I am picking the frame up on Thursday, but I wanted to give you guys first right of refusal on the pieces. - Topline MTB cranks, silver - unsure on length...
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    PSA: CraigsList Boston Chris Chance Road

    Pretty color... and Campy components, too )even if they are Daytona).
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    FT: Chris King 1" Pink Threadless Headset

    I have a brand new in the bag 1" Chris King PINK Aheadset threadless headset in the standard BOLD LOGO version, and I am looking to trade for an equal condition 1.125" threadless headset in pink, violet and I might consider mango or sour apple, too. Would take the standard logo version or the...
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    Looking for a M or M/L Yo, SS or Fixie. Or Cross. Or Road.

    I've been looking locally for a decent fixed gear/SS to ride to work, or a previously loved cross or road bike to clamp in a trainer this winter and get my legs back. Not much interesting around here, to say the least. If you know of something somewhere, have a Fat collecting dust in a close...