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    SWAP- 1 1/8th inch BOI fork for 1 inch

    Hi all, I have a mint 1 1/8th BOI fork that I would like to swap for the same with a 1 inch steerer. It's the later suspension corrected length 420mm AtC. It's currently Green Metallica fade. It was sold to me a few years ago as NOS but on closer inspection it has had a wheel in the drop outs...
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    Perfect Fat City Saddle for my 87 Wicked

    Please help me. I have been looking since I got hold of my Wicked a few years back. I want a real perfect Fat City/ Specialized saddle to finish her off. Any price, just shout! Thanks Si
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    21st Century Yo

    I have often wondered, as I'm sure many of you have, how a timeless classic would ride had it evolved over the years. The problem is how do you justify modifying said classic without destroying the very essence of what makes it a classic in the first place? Late last year an opportunity arose to...
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    Family Fat

    This week I had all my Fats in one place and as the sun was shining I took the opportunity to get some pics. 1994 Shock-a-Billy First up is a returnee. I sold this Sommerville built SAB last year but when the opportunity came to buy it back I jumped at the chance. This year it is wearing a...
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    SWAP or FS. Shock-aBilly Frame

    I have realized that the Large Fat Chance Shock-a-Billy I have is a shade to big for me. Stand over is fine (same as a medium Yo) but the top tube is too long for me (23.5). Ideally I would like to swap for a Medium SAB but as they are not too common I will consider swaps for any S/M or M sized...
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    WTD- Monster

    WTD- S/M or Medium Monster Fat frame only. Pref pink or lime green but anything considered. Might consider a full bike if price is right. Excellent condition only- no dings or rusty frames please. Thanks Si
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    Canti studs

    Hi all Does anyone know where I can get replacement canti studs for my Yo fork and what size and thread pitch they are?? I have M10 and M8 in my tool box but neither will fit. The ones I have have all come from alloy suss forks and I guess are course thread. Cheers Si
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    95 Fat Titanium TFM006

    I aquired this Fat late last year from my good friend in Amsterdam. I have made a few changes- swapped out the heavy Tange fork for a NOS Yo Eddy that turned up on eBay last month and changed the bars to a slightly wider Titec which came also from the Netherlands (cheers Roy!). I have just...
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    Big One Inch fork wanted

    All sorted thanks!
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    Pace rc100s

    Time to out another of my old rides, this time its non Fat. Don't worry, normal service will be resumed as soon as I finish my SAB and Fat Ti. This one is from a small UK builder not often heard of outside Europe from 1990 and has some interesting touches. One of the firsts on the RC100 was...
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    WTD- Medium Shock-a-Billy

    Urgently wanted- Shock-a-Billy in medium (ideal) or S/M. Prefer earlier AMP rear end and not fussy about which colour. Cosmetics are not really important but no cracks, rust or dents. I'm UK based but have friends in the US if shipping is a problem. Cash waiting! Thanks
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    91 Yo Eddy in white

    Got this one finished a few weeks ago and took it out on RetroBikes Peaks Ride for its first run. Troublefree as ever:D Frame: 1991 Medium Fat City Yo Eddy Fork: Fat City Big One Inch Headset: Chris King Sotto Voce Stem: Ringle Handlebar: Answer Hyperlight Grips: Grab On MTN2 Brakes...
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    UK FATCOGS Meet- Spring 2010?

    Anyone up for a FATCOGs Gathering in the UK in the Spring? Maybe a full weekend of riding? Discuss....;) Cheers Si
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    WTD- Shock-a-Billy in S/M

    Hi, I need to put right a mistake. I should not have sold my old SAB so I'm looking for a S/M sized SAB frame with earlier polished AMP rear end. Pref team Violet, Auqa, charcoal or Chameleon but will consider anything. cheers S
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    My old SAB

    EDIT: My (new) Old SAB. Back once again in my ownership! This is how it looked most of the time...was a great rider! Cheers Si