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    Fat Chance Monster Fat Mountain Bikes 18" Original Paint

    That sure has a lot of differences from my '91 Monster. Different fork, seat stays, cable routing, bottom bracket. I did not think they were even made in '88.
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    somebody rescue the Wicked frame
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    Vagante schooled me

    Rode the Mala Compra singletrack with John (Vagante) this morning. It is a great trail just south of St Augustine beach. He was sporting his new Yo Eddy, I hope the photo is attached. What a sweet looking ride. I was riding a full suspension bike and had to struggle to keep up with him. Sorry...
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    Fat Chance jersey

    I bought this Giordana made jersey at REI quite a while back. I was excited to see it was a size 5, XL. Got it home and tried it on. Perhaps in Europe it is considered an XL, but not here. It was too tight for me to wear in public. Fast forward to now, and after enjoying the products of all the...
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    RockShox Judy 1" steerer

    I have a Judy with a 7" long steerer for a 1" head tube. The guts were replaced with Englund cartridges which are infinitely better than what was there originally. It has a full 2 1/2" of useable travel, maybe a wee bit more. It still looks good and works as good as it ever did. I will include...
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    Forks - CF Futureshock & Girvin, 1" steerer

    Over the years I have had several forks on my medium '91 Monster Fat. I now run the rigid fork that came with the frame and that will remain. I have a carbon fiber FutureShock, the same as a RockShox Mag21. It currently holds air but needs the rubber pieces where the shock pump is inserted. I...
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    1992 Monster Fat

    I am the original owner of this frame, bought new at Bicycle South in Decatur, GA, and yes I still have the receipt. I used frame saver before building it up, and it has no rust, no dents, no structural issues. It does have scratches in the paint and decals, but no rust in the scratches. The...