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    Race Face Turbine LP Crankset 170mm 94/58 Black

    Race face turbine LP 170mm crankset with salsa chainrings and Race Face bash guard. 22t 32t bash. Includes very nice Tange Sealed Bottom Bracket And Ti Specialized Crank Bolts. Very little wear. Only used on one bike which was ridden lightly by my small children. Asking $125 for everything...
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    Shimano Deore XT 8 speed front derailleur 31.8

    In excellent nearly new condition. 31.8mm clamp bottom pull. Appropriate for most fat chances . :) Asking $45 + shipping. Paypal OK Also listing a matching rear.
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    Parting 1993 Custom Cannondale

    Hey Y'all I am parting out my wife's old Cannondale that I built up custom for her in 1993. Some of you may have seen the wheelset on ebay. Anyways I wanted to give you guys first dibs on the parts as you have been so good to me in the past. Here is what is up for grabs. Ringle wheelset M231s...
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    Frame prep tools anyone?

    Anyone doing enough collecting / building to want their own frame prepping tools. A while back I thought I was going to start building frames but that never panned out. I have the following tools I'd like to sell, thought I would offer them up here before going to ebay. Park HTR-1 Head tube...
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    Need xtr m952 spider locknut and snap ring

    I need the locknut and snap ring for the Shimano xtr m952 crankset (the ones that hold on the spider. I just bought a set of arms and wrongfully assumed those parts would be included. The ones from the xt m750 might be interchangeable, not entirely sure about that though. Thanks in advance.
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    3 for 1 continental tires deal

    A pair of continental survival pros and a bonus twister pro. Survival pros are a great mud and gravel tire. Serious knobs! All in very good used condition. All 3 for $20 + shipping just trying to clean out the ole parts bin.
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    Wanted shimano m750-5 crankset any condition ok.

    This is probably a longshot but I am looking for a shimano deore xt m750-5 xt driveside crankarm. Actually all I need is the spider. I believe this was only produced for one year (1999?). It is a removable splined spider for 94/58 5 bolt rings. Usually black in color. Anyone got a source to...
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    Parts bin clearout part 2! Lots of good vintage stuff cheap!

    I'm selling off another round of good old parts on OSMTB. Go over there and have a look! Happy Trails! Eli
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    High end v-brake face off

    Has anyone used both pauls motolites and avid ultimates and compared the two? I have used the ultimates on a few bikes here is my take. Pros Looks awesome Relatively light Very Low Maintenance Cons Maybe too stiff (howly on certain rims) Could be lighter Heavy complicated and expensive levers...
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    White Industries Eno Freewheel

    Sold on ebay...
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    1994 Buck Shaver Singlespeed Near Mint Condition

    Hi Everyone. I am finding myself in need of more space in my garage and more money to pay for a new project. So unfortunately the time has come to sell my totally cool buck shaver blinglespeed. I personally think that bucks actually ride better than yos even if they are a couple ounces heavier...
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    PSA I'm selling off stuff on ebay this month

    First up is some NOS bars one set is sold I have one left. The peach king hub I had sold yesterday too. I have lots of other stuff that will be going on the block soon. Let me know if you want...
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    Odds and ends needed

    I need some various stuff to finish off my xs buck shaver build. Let me know if you have any of the following. Or even know a source for it. Race Face turbine granny ring bolts and spacers. A couple of srp or similar double chainring bolts ( I have 3 purple ones the other two were...
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    Independent Fabrications Crown Jewel

    I may be oversimplifying my life but that's never a bad thing so I guess my IF crown jewel is up for grabs. It's a 1998 model. Made from reynolds 853. It has the nice compliant chainstays and the matching IF steel fork. The frame has the typical scratches but nothing you would notice from 3 feet...