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    Original Black Paint + White Decals, C to C 22.5 in. Serial 01819 w

    Original Black Paint + White Decals, C to C 22.5 in. Serial 01819 w
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    1986 FAT CHANCE 18" FRAME + BB, Black & Yellow

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    Purple Vintage Kooka Fork Brace

    For Sale; PURPLE VINTAGE KOOKA FORK BRACE email me if interested thanks
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    1992 Ibis Mojo with Hand Job Frame, $500

    FOR SALE: 1992 Ibis Mojo with Hand Job 17 Inch C to C, Frame $500 Thanks, PM or write
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    ROCK SHOX product history

    Does anyone know of an online resource for pictures of all the rockshox through the years. Want to build a, mix/match, or find the lightest rockshox I can get for a new york yo eddy. thanks if not maybe we can make one dino:confused:
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    anybody have experience with a 1 front - 9 rear setup?

    I want to use a 9 speed cassette in the rear with a 34T or 36T in the front, will rear shifting throw the chain off the front chainring? do i need to use a front derailleur? or a bash guard? thanks, Dino
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    Looking for after-market 36T Outer ChainRing for Shimano 952 Cranks?

    Hello Does anyone know any after-market Outer Chain Rings for Shimano 952 Cranks? Do the new rotor style ENO chainrings fit the shimano m952 cranks? Looking to use these crank arms for my Yo Eddy singlespeed with a 36T. The lowest outer ring by shimano is a LX 42T? Thanks, Dino
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    YO EDDY M/L or L Frame with 1 1/8 headtube

    wanted a YO EDDY M/L or L Frame with 1 1/8 headtube, condition and pics. thanks dino
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    1991 Black Monster Fat Medium
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    M/L YO Frame 97-00

    Hello I am Looking for an 1 1/8 M/L Yo frame any condition, dents whatever, as long as it is race-able, the worst the cosmetically the better really, I am gonna ride it into the ground anyway. preferrably 1 1/8 head tube. Minimal Rust. Thanks,
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    Big Little Inch??

    This appears to be physically smaller than the Yo Big Inch on my Large YO Eddy. This one came with my Medium Team Yo Eddy back in 1994, what is with the added decal and the Pat. Pending RD 1991? Thanks:skull:
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    Wanted: an 1980s FAT CHANCE + a Shock-a-Billy

    Hello Looking to purchase immediately a ML to XL 1980's FAT CHANCE, would consider any model, always more stoked for ones with Rigid forks, box forks, etc. Looking to purchase immediately M to L SHOCK-a-BILLY FAT CHANCE, would consider any year, always more stoked for 1993-1994. Cheers...
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    The FAT CHANCE buh buh buh BUILD CARD???

    NetherLander I am know you are looking! And anyone else....Out there Office Chair Dancin When did FAT CITY CYCLES issue a Build Card with a Frame? Only to Team Racers & Regional Racers & Friends of Chris? Or with All the Frames they Made??? Thanks, Dino in Reston VA
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    Single Speed 'free Race'

    Any rides planned in your wee neck of the woods? Anybody SINGLE SPEEDING these things? Lets talk about Devolving the Yo Eddy! Would like to plan a "Free Running styled" SINGLE GEAR RACE, out in Northern VA, DC area suburbs. Anything goes "point A to point B." Any interest? Or a Sparcely...