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    Syncros 29.4mm Titanium seatpost wanted

    I am on the lookout for a Syncros 29.4mm titanium seat post to complete my Fat Chance Ti. Got good money waiting here for one.
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    Those Titanium Shock a Billys

    Guess whats just popped up on a well known auction site? Yep a Titanium Shock a Billy;)
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    BOI 1" fork

    I am on the lookout for a BOI 1" fork for suit my 1995 Fat Chance Titanium. Let me know if anyone has anything suitable.
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    1995 Fat Chance Titanium

    I have picked this up today: I love it. The craftsmanship that went into one of these is amazing.
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    Shock a Billy 1995 on pivot hardware

    Can anyone tell me who produced the original pivot hardware for the last Shock a Billys? I am trying to track some bits down. I think it could be a futile task though.
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    Turquoise Ringle hubs/wheelset

    I am on the lookout for a Ringle Turquoise hub/wheelset. The rear hub must be a cassette type hub and the front hub must be a super bubba. Good price paid for the right ones.
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    The 1984 Fat Post

    Out of interest how come the 1984 Fat Chance thread got removed, i find no list of rules like on other forums forbidding the posting of ebay adverts? I thought Fat Chance enthusiasts would have been interested in ti as it looked a very interesting bike? It would have been interesting to find...
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    127.5mm BB axle

    No longer needed.
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    Cook Bros RSR's/Toplines 31.8mm XTR M900 front mech

    Looking for some 175/176mm Cook Bros RSR'r or Toplines. Willing to listen to what you have, ideally black, red or silver. Also need a 31.8 XTR M900 bottom oull front mech. Good money paid for the correct ones.
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    Bottom bracket length for a Yo Eddy with XTR M900

    Bottom bracket length for a Yo Eddy Toplines Can anyone tell me what length of bottom bracket I need for a 1991 Yo Eddy with a press fit bottom bracket and a Topline chainset? At the moment its got a 122.5mm axle and I am sure its not long enough.
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    My 1994 Shock a Billy in Aqua fade

    It started in my possession looking like this, it had a stuck seat post, broken gripshift x-rays and a cracked stem: Here she is now after been refurbished by Garry at Graphicshack: Not long to go now.
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    Prototype Shock a Billy

    Here are a few photos of a Prototype Shock a Billy I bought a while back. It was ridden by Casey Kunselman in the 1994 Downhill World Championships in Vail Colorado. I have had this confirmed by the man himself. It was on of around 6 I believe built while Chris was looking at various designs to...
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    Shock a Billy Mk2

    All sorted now.
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    Aquafade paint colours?

    In the process of having my Shock a Billy refurbished and i wondered if anyone knows what the paint codes were for the Aquafade paint scheme. It would seem that the ones i thought they were after searching the net are possibly not correct: Dupont Imron Hot Hues Sweet and Sassy Lime Sherbert...
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    Shock A Billy Seat stay bridge

    As above i am on the lookout for a seat stay bridge for my 1994 shock a billy. Good price paid.