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    As seen my local CL:
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    Wanted: Slim in need of resto

    Hey all, I'm looking for a 57-58 cm Slim Chance in need of work, cuz what I don't have is money, but what I do have is a shop full of tools and a buddy who paints bikes for a living. I'd be willing to spend a few hundred bucks on something salvageable, or if somebody wants to trade me for a...
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    Fillet Brazed Fats

    Can anyone tell me about fillet brazed FCs? My buddy had one waay back in the day and I could swear it was serial #3 or some such thing. It was about a mile long and weighed a ton but I wish I bought it from him when he dumped it for next to nothing. It was around '88 or so when he had it.
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    Resurrecting my Yo!

    Hey all, new to the forum but really digging it. I just started resurrecting my Yo Eddy I've had since I forget when. 91 or 92 maybe? It has the press in BB bearings and a completely rusted out seat tube. I plan on cutting out the BB shell, replacing it with a threaded BB, cutting off the seat...