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    1989 Fat Chance

    I brought this bike last year off Ron Andrews. It appeared to be pretty much original apart from saddle and tyres with Suntour XCD . I built it up (see pics)with a new saddle, amber walls and a Hite-rite,it looked great, but it was missing something, it was an ok ride but was in the shadows of...
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    Groovy cycles Luv handles

    Wanted , as above a pair of groovy cycles Luv handles , any type considered Any thanks NOW SOURCED, many thanks
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    Fats At Mountain Mayhem

    Thought I would share a few pictures from Mountain Mayhem last week. Mountain Mayhem is a 24 Hr endurance race held at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, UK There were teams from Retrobike lining up with Professional/modern riders.TBH we held our own and did ok considering the conditions - Thick...
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    1991 Yo Eddy,Team Fat Chance,Grello

    Well , Have another '91 Yo to build, this one has the press in bottom bracket, where my Aquafade is threaded. This is going to be a quick build as its going to be my main rider.Then as time,money and need will be slowly upgraded.Im building this as single speed as I find my Wicked Single speed...
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    Fat Chance Bandages

    Up for grabs are a full set of Fat Chance bandages including the box , perfect for any collection and nowadays not east to find.The only reason I offering these up , is because I'm in need of a nice 1" black quill stem(preferably no roller unless a Salsa !), around 130mm long.So these are up for...
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    Grafton Re-entry levers

    As per title, ideally be turquoise but would also take Black fact would probably consider any colour !
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    Fat Chance Jersey

    Size L , 21 inch p-p or XL Any design considered What have you got spare ?
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    1991 Yo Eddy,Team Fat Chance

    I Feel somewhat guilty for not putting up a build thread for my Yo, so here it is , a 1991 Yo Eddy in Aquamarine fade.The frame has been fully restored by Rody,who has done an amazing job I'm sure your agree. His blog on this frame here ...
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    1991 Monster Fat

    Thought I would share my build thread with my Fat Cog Chums :D Rather than run two threads on the same build , please find my build thread on Retrobike :
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    Bars suitable for a monster ?

    Anyone suggest a nice pair of black handle bars to suit a 91 Monster ? groupie is a suntour XC pro/comp ? Want something which is period correct , just out of ideas !
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    Fat Chance Stems

    Hi , Can anybody tell me which bikes came with a Fat Chance stem ? I have just brought one and are wondering if to fit it to my 88 wicked,but don't really know if it is period ? Thanks in advance
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    Paint name for grey ?

    Anyone know the offical Fat name for this Grey '88 Wicked ? Hoping it had a Fat name , other than "grey":D
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    Spindle diameter

    Looking for a spindle for a press in bottom bracket , does anyone know the diameter ? Think it's around 15.8 mm Thanks in advance
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    Fat Chance jersey,Ringle hub set & more

    Some un-needed parts for sale ,please follow link : any questions,please ask :cool:
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    Fat City handlebars & spindal for press in BB

    As above looking for a Fat City handlebar for my Wicked Also a spindle of 122mm and some collars for a monster Also a Fat chance stem 1" quill Thanks