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    1980s Fat Chance WICKED - frameset w/ stem & bottom bracket

    A few yrs ago you could buy that bike, in such miserable state of paint, for $150. Now it´s $600. I can buy a Yo Eddy sans fork for $600 now.
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    ISO press-in bottom bracket

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    ISO press-in bottom bracket

    BB length is determined by the cranks you will use.
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    YO Eddy fork? Looks like or lookalike...

    What´s the axle to crown distance?
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    YO Eddy fork? Looks like or lookalike...

    1 1/8... Yo Eddy? Otoh it looks good.
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    Sourcing Parts question

    Otoh there are new parts around at Soma/ Rivendell, Velo Orange, Microshift, White Industries, which emulate or plain bring back 80s and 90s drivetrain standards, brakes... even rims. Bullmoose bars, triple cranks, square taper BBs. I find the statement pieces, like salsa stems w/ rollers and...
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    BMX Buddy Grabbed a Fat

    I believe that´s a small early Yo but serial number would tell. Early Yos were small, medium and large only.
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    BMX Buddy Grabbed a Fat

    Small or small medium?
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    1993 Wicked lite headset

    Only when i find a Koski or bontrager fork.
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    1993 Wicked lite headset

    Mine is 1993. FRame color is kandy wild cherry. Fork is purple like yours. It has the old wheels on this picture
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    1993 Wicked lite headset

    Beautifull bike. I ride a wicked lite too and rebuilt my wheels recently w/wider tubeless rims (i ride in the desert and cactus thorns are all over) and 2.2 continental cross king + 2.25 schwalbe smart sam .
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    1993 Wicked lite headset

    Your set up is 1in threaded. If you go for a King you want a threadnut... more versatile than the gripnut. I would invest the money on something different like a tubeless wheelset or a rigid fork because those alter the ride experience. A headset either works or it doesn´t: it does not change...
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    1993 Wicked lite headset

    Why swap a perfectly working headset?
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    Pinhole in BB shell joint

    Follow I robot´s instructions: patch it w/ epoxy. I would do it from inside (if possible) and outside. Then forget about it. Build and ride it as hard as you can. Bicycles are Life! As such they are imperfect too. Btw... love that color. Black or silver decals will look lovely there.
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    Wicked Fat Chance Year ?

    One of those numbers on the BB tells the year. I would guess 88 or 90.
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    Soooo, this just came into my life......

    You got a yo fork w/ the frame. It does not happen often these days.
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    Chris Chance Road

    A longer and lower stem would make it more stable.
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    Top tube rust control and paint crawl

    Wickeds are not particularly valuable and the mod you pretend enhances value imho. Otoh, a rusted out wicked has even less value, as in zero value.
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    BB Spindle Length for Fat Chance Titanium

    I had this set up on an Ibis Mojo.. if i remember correctly i used the shorter axle. The long one was used on full suspension bikes at the time.