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  1. Ranxirox

    18" Team Comp on Craigslist Los Angeles

    I just found this. What is the back story on the 'Team Comp' is it a 'Yo" or is it different???
  2. Ranxirox

    Blue Yo on the bay

    I am aggressively going after this bike to replace my stolen Monster. This couldn't have happened at a worse time. :( I know I am going to be outbid by some Canadian or Euro collector. But I am hoping I have some good Mtn. bike karma coming my way...
  3. Ranxirox

    This doesn't look like a monster.

    There is a "Monster" on Ebay but it doesn't look right to me. Did the Monster ever come with seatstays like this? Also what about the chainstay brake mounts? Help me out on this one! Here is the link...
  4. Ranxirox

    92 Monster Brake Studs

    I am currently rebuilding a 92 monster that had been powdercoated by the previous owner. I have purchased M8 - M10 titanium brake studs and niether of them fit. I think the M8's were the right size but the thread pitch is different --- I THINK --- they started to thread but became difficult to...
  5. Ranxirox

    90 Yo CBO "FAT BASTARD" TI Large Complete W/xtr prototype parts

    Testing the waters, I'm a little scared. I would like to sell my Litespeed made "Fat Bastard" this is a titanium Yo Eddy clone originally sold by Cambria Bicycles. The frame is size large and is "Exactly like my yo". The bike has been fitted with an original manitou fork in "pristine...