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    Wanted: 29.4 Syncros 425mm Gen2 Seat Post

    Looking for a Syncros 29.4, 425mm Seat Post. Not fussed on cosmetics, will be interested in titanium or smaller diameter and I’ll ‘shim’ it Thanks in advance
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    Wanted: Fat Chance Shock’a’billy Gen2 exploded Diagram

    Hi, long shot I know but hoping someone has some kind of instructions/Diagram that shows how a Fat Chance Shock’a’billy 2nd Generation (non AMP) goes together, bushes, linkage etc.
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    Wanted: SDG Comp Ti Kevlar Black Saddle

    Would like to buy: SDG Comp Titanium Saddle in black with Kevlar top. Ideally new old stock, but will consider used. Not that bothered if writing is still present but has to have no tears or rips. Top cash paid for the right one. Thank you.