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    Serial numbers for new Fats, I got this off the website a while back
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    1988 Monster Project

    Picked up this 88 Monster as a winter project.
  3. Retro Dude

    1989 Wicked Rims

    My 89 Wicked came with Mavic Oxygen M-6 rims.
  4. Retro Dude

    Dimensions of thru axle

    I measured mine at 1.5 mm pitch.
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    1990 Wicked needs a new color - Open to suggestions

    Yeah that's a '90 It would look great in those colors
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    1990 Wicked needs a new color - Open to suggestions

    Standard colors for 1990 Wickeds were Fluorescent Orange, Porsche Red, Black, and Kandy Wild Cherry. I'd go for Fluorescent Orange
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    Sold - Bearclaw Bicycles Titanium Fork 27.5+ / 29er

    Not exactly vintage but it does come off my Ti Yo Eddy: Selling a near mint BBC Ti fork Fits 27.5+ and 29er, pics show clearance with 3" 27.5+ tire Boost spacing, 110 x 15 Steerer Length = 7.5" (175mm), 1.5" crown A-C = 490mm Rake = 51mm Weight = 2.08 lbs. Includes King starnut, thru axle...
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    Titanium Serial # help

    Here's a listing I've compiled:
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    My wicked lucky wicked fat.

    Yes it's an '89. The last 9 is the year made.
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    1990 Wicked Fat For Sale

    1990 Wicked Fat Chance $600 + shipping This beauty is a blast to ride, nimble on the trails and great for climbs. The frame, fork, stem, and handle bar are as I bought them - just cleaned, waxed, and tube internals have been treated with JP Weigle Frame Saver. The frame has the typical...
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    Litespeed Titanium Handlebar for sale

    Litespeed Titanium Handlebar 23” (585mm) This has very little use, took it off my old Litespeed and it has sat in a box - time to let it go. This is full length, never cut - bulge design doesn't need a shim to fit 1" stem. $75 + shipping
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    89 Wicked w/ Box Crown Fork

    1989 Wicked Fat Chance w/ Box Crown Fork $1600 + shipping This baby is a dream to ride and has been as awesome project – time to let someone else enjoy it though. Very rare to see a Wicked with the original box crown fork, this one has been built up with high end components including a...
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    85 Kicker for sale

    Putting this ad up for a friend: Selling a 1985 Fat Chance Kicker (SN: 85634) Immaculate condition Most, if not all, original - 19.5" Contact Bob at for more info Asking $750
  14. Retro Dude

    Titanium Fat Chance for sale

    Selling a complete Medium size Ti Fat, mid 90's, New York build, sn: TFM1073 Frame is in excellent condition - no dents or dings, I'm the second owner. Includes original BOI fork, original paint has some chips, again - no dents or dings. Selling it built up with the following: Syncros 29.4...
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    WTB: Suntour XC Pro brakes

    Wanted: Suntour XC Pro brakes for the front, NOS or near-NOS in black. Have cash or NOS Shimano BR-M732 NOS brakes in black for trade. Thanks
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    Box Crown Fork markings

    Has any one seen similar markings on the steerer tube of their forks? Not sure if it could be serial number/date code/lot code/etc.
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    Fat City Handle bar dimensions

    Hi - Could someone with a set of Titanium or Aluminum bars take some measurements? Thanks
  18. Retro Dude

    Fat City handle bar: Aluminum or Titanium

    Looking for a ti or al bar, any condition. Thanks
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    87 Fat Chance #2 for sale

    1987 Fat Chance, asking $650 18” Blue/Black Fork Awesome handling bike, frame has original blue paint (afaik), fork has been sprayed black, and decals are not original. No dents or dings. Frame serial number 87403. Great candidate for full restoration or ride as is. Component Highlights: -...