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  1. MikeyNYC

    Site Has Been Has Spammed!

    Can One of The Mods please fix this?
  2. MikeyNYC

    Fat Chance Branded Stem F/S $110 O.B.O.

    *SOLD* Here is a seemingly NOS Fat Chance branded stem with a 1" quill, seems to be about 135/140mm in reach and a 10 Degree rise. I didn't measure this, I'm totally estimating, so if you need true measurements, please just ask :thup: *Please Note that the Original handlebar Cinch Bolt was not...
  3. MikeyNYC

    1993 Titanium Fat Chance Frame Ti Fat Large 069 T3L F/S

    1993 Titanium Fat Chance Frame Ti Fat Large 069 T3L F/S Very good condition for one of the original Somerville Mass made Ti Fat frames, in rare Large size. $2000 Shipped in the USA (or Best Offer Shipped) **Shipping Costs paid by buyer if OUTSIDE USA** Please PM me or email via this...
  4. MikeyNYC

    1983 Fat Chance 19.5" Frame/Fork/Bars For Sale $1000 O.B.O

    *SOLD* 1983 Fat Chance 19.5" Frame/Fork/Bars For Sale $1000 O.B.O *SOLD* **SOLD** 1983 Fat Chance serial # 83 59 (frame # 59 in 1983) size is approx 19.5" (please request measurements if curious), with the original box crown fork, the original bullmoose bars (with custom cable hanger by Rody of...
  5. MikeyNYC

    Fat Fotos from AZ ~ Fat66's Fat City Bikes

    I was asked by Fat66 to post photos of some of his Fat Chance bikes for him and then he will post some descriptions in this thread and answer questions! Looks like he's got a Buck Shaver, a multi-colored Fat Chance with a Box Crown fork and a nice Yo Eddy! Enjoy...
  6. MikeyNYC

    SR Sakae BMX LaPrade Seat Post 22.2mm

    Hi All, I am on the hunt for an SR/Sakae BMX LaPrade Seat Post for my 1984 Fat Chance # 84 118! The bike is 90% NOS except for the seat post, seat and tires but I do have the alloy seat tube sleeve/shim that came with the bike that requires this SR Sakae BMX LaPrade Seat Post which is a 22.2mm...
  7. MikeyNYC

    Box Crown Fork Question

    I have a question for some of the old Fat City employees that post here from time to time; I have a few different Box Crown forks and some are slightly different than others, different fork rakes, different drop outs, rack mounts vs. no rack mounts, the "box" at the crown is larger or smaller on...
  8. MikeyNYC

    3 Wheels for Sale (Bullseye & Paul Hub)

    This stuff was sold on ebay.
  9. MikeyNYC

    STOLEN FAT CHANCE WICKED Chicago craigslist

    I randomly came across this and felt bad for the guy: --------------------- Reply to: Date: 2006-08-05, 7:14PM CDT Stolen on Friday from my garage in an alley between Mohawk and Larrabee, right by the...
  10. MikeyNYC

    My renovated 1990 Wicked Fat Chance!

    Hi Everyone (or anyone who cares...) Here is my long awaited renovation project which is my 1990 Wicked Fat Chance frame, purchased on the super cheap last year from VeloCulture in taxi yellow and paired with a black Box Crown Fork that someone gave me for free! Paint is by Vicious Cycles...
  11. MikeyNYC

    Sweet Box Crown Fork Scored!

    Hey Everyone, I was bored and did a few google searches Friday night for some hard to find items that I like to seek and I came across a guy selling a Fat Chance Box Crown fork! He turned out to be on 145th street and Riverside Drive in Upper Manhattan of all places, right near me-so I left him...
  12. MikeyNYC

    [No title]

    I found this blog on a google search for "Fat Chance": Here is a quote: ------------------------- "The December issue of Bike magazine has an interesting article titled
  13. MikeyNYC

    Wicked Fat Chance Circa 1986 eBay Item number: 7230512103

    Is the seller of this bike: Wicked Fat Chance Circa 1986 King 1" Sid Cook Xtr Phil - eBay Item number: 7230512103 A member of this group? Check this listing out just for the verbal sparring alone, it's...
  14. MikeyNYC

    Seat Clamp Size

    Does anyone know the size of the seat clamp on the late 1980's Early 1990's Fat Chances and Wicked Fat Chances? Is it 1 & 1/8"? I've never bought one, they always just came with my bikes... Thanks, Michael-NYC
  15. MikeyNYC

    1 Inch Threaded Fat City Box Crown Fork!

    Hey Fat Folks, I have an "extra" 1 Inch Threaded Fat City Box Crown Fork made of Reynold 531 Tandem fork blades, in black with a steerer tube length of about 5 & 3/8" and about 1 & 1/5" of clean threading-Probably best suited for a Pre 1990 (Pre-suspension) "Fat Chance" or "Wicked" in size...