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    Yo Eddy 1991 Retro Mod

    Another 23 miles after work on the Retro-mod Yo. Not been near my gravel bike since building this.
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    Yo Eddy 1991 Retro Mod

    Thanks for the positive words. Happy you like what I’ve done with it. Its replaced my gravel bike for sure. In fact I rode my FAT Ti the other day and even that felt slower than this. It makes such a huge difference having the bigger wheels and the disc brakes. The disc mount is tig welded onto...
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    Saratoga FAT Ti XTR King Cook Bros

    Yes this sounds like a plan. However my friend made me these for my retro-mod Yo and love them. Thought about get some more made and painting them Ti colour and fading some red up the legs.
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    Saratoga FAT Ti XTR King Cook Bros

    Picked this up last year. It had been sat unused for many years. But the build on it is pretty much how I would have done it. I may get a segmented fork built for it and colour matched to the Ti/ red scheme. I’ve fitted a new White Industries bottom bracket, new old stock tyres and a few other...
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    Amazing work John! A pleasure to browse and use.
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    Yo Eddy 1991 Retro Mod

    I acquired this frame about 12 months ago with major rust issues at the usual seat tube bb area. Fortunately I have a very very capable colleague who was happy to help out. I own a few 26” retro bikes including other FAT’s so really fancied doing something different with this. First thing was...
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    Fat City Slim Chance 55-57 90’s Version 91-98

    Looking for a Slim Chance frame/fork in a 55-57 size. So that’s the 90’s variant made from Columbus or the mid to late 90’s version from True Temper. Any colour condition considered. Any help much appreciated.
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    Buckshaver/ Bro-eddy in medium or M/L

    Looking for a Buckshaver or Bro eddy in a medium or M/L. No rust issues but paintwork not important. Im in the UK though if shipping is a concern. ;)
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    Minty fresh YO EDDY 94!

    This is my finished 94 YO... After a long spell without it i decided to pick up some fresh decals off Rody & have the frame repaired proffesionally..I sent it to ROCK LOBSTER in SANTA CRUZ for the seat-tube transplant..The repair is faultless & Paul sadoff used the same tube diameter & replaced...
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    31.8 micro-drive front mesh b.pull

    Hey people, the last part of the puzzle to finish off the YO..Running a strange combination of sizes on chainset all 94bcd 22-32-48..I know its going to change bad but i think if i ran a SUNTOUR XC PRO MD front mech it would work..AS anyone got one or even old XT compact in same dimensions????