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    Retro MTB website

    Love the writing style of that era.
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    80s Posters

    My two poster variants. I have two Jim Espey ones. Hoping to pick up some of the others sometime. Any back stories on these would be interesting 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    1994 M/L Yo Eddy for Sale $1,500 OBO **Update** Still available

    The splash ano Ringle hubs and stem alone sell for a significant premium. The whole package is a killer deal that just needs a repro BOI to finish it off.
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    Daily driver

    I miss my old 90s commute of 8 miles each way beside a canal, past a Zoo, narrow boats, beautiful houses, countryside etc
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    ISO: new BB spindle

    There is a member called Yaldie on the sister site Retrobike who had some ones made in the UK recently. Join and maybe hit him up for details.
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    Hang Tags - lets see em !

    The more funky the better 😱 This one is from a bike for sale now on the bay. Not mine btw. Also interesting to get a snapshot of the FCC talented artisans through the years, like those listed from 89 below.
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    1990 Wicked needs a new color - Open to suggestions

    I love a Harlequin FAT 😁
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    1990 Wicked needs a new color - Open to suggestions

    Matt’s paint job - I like a sunset fade too. -
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    Sold - Bearclaw Bicycles Titanium Fork 27.5+ / 29er

    Always loved these and their bikes. Shame the new FAT operation doesn't make them as they look so choice.
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    NOS Wicked Lite for sale by auction - 18” ? Such a beauty 🥰 Think its an 18” after image rotation analysis. Stinger.
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    Yo Eddy 1991 Retro Mod

    Frikin love this Yo 🔥🔥🔥
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    YO Eddy fork? Looks like or lookalike...

    Beautiful neat welds but no gussets like the oem ones. Maybe its an Igle repro, anyhow it looks well made.
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    Yo Eddy! Team Fat Chance - 1992 Mountain Bike 26" wheel - Small Frame

    Nice build and matching forks, just a bit of a refurb needed, a check for rust around the BB area and its smiles all around again.
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    Titanium Fat Chance!

    I would say its a m/l which should suit someone 6.0-6’2” Seller also seems knowledgeable which means they are able to read/interpret the serial number correctly. I still get a buzz everytime I just look at them, let alone ride them. Absolute perfection which has not been surpassed after 30yrs...
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    Fat Chance Titanium Bike - M/L Made in Somerville!

    I would buy this in heartbeat if I didnt already have one. Looks in amazing condition and has a rare evolution design with the 93 sleeved chainstays but not in the sleeved down tube, which changed in the variants after this.
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    Titanium Fat Chance!

    Top is 94 Somerville made flawless perfection in large and the lower a 97 in m/l which is a softer but also amazing ride with the Morati Ti forks. I only found a tiny handful of Somerville made Ti frames in L, so good luck in the hunt and they are 100% as good as it gets imo. Mine are keepers...
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    Sourcing Parts question

    Any pics of Your Yo of Yoof ? In truth finding high end period parts for a 90s bike is VERY expensive and a time consuming process. The pool of parts in good or NOS condition keeps getting smaller and competition for the ‘statement’ pieces like a cool stem, cranks or shifters is intense. Its...
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    Fat Chance Titanium Circa 1993 - All Custom Parts $2500 SOLD

    F40s were being offloaded for £120K back in 2008/9 and a 250 GTO was as little as £5k back in the 70s. Top quality lasts, despite the recent giveaway ‘distress sales’ of these beauties. 🤔
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    New Yo

    Dunno….looks like bear country 🤷🏻‍♂️ You are very brave riding around there but maybe the local grizzlies only eat Klein riders.