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  1. I-ROBOT

    Rescued an 80’s Fat Chance

    Since that's a FAT with the chainstay U-Brake / Roller cam brake mounts, it is likely from 1988 or 1989 (best guess). If that is the original color, it would have been a custom Imron paint (likely painted over a stock black epoxy powder coat, which was the norm then) Give us the serial number. I...
  2. I-ROBOT

    80s Posters

    I believe the Jim Espey poster shot was done in a local pool. It would have been around the same time as the other posters done that year. (one of them featuring yours truly and an unpainted steel frame) I remember going to the photo studio near the shop for that shoot and the others were done...
  3. I-ROBOT

    WTB: Tires 26 x 2

    I will look at what I have when I get home from work later today Scott
  4. I-ROBOT

    1989 Wicked Rims

    It's been a long time but at least now its legal here :rolleyes: Happy Holidays Scott
  5. I-ROBOT

    XS Black Monsterfat

    I would suggest doing a google search of suppliers of dry ice in your area and purchase a small amount of it. Remove the seat clamp and QR. You could also remove the seat which may make things a bit easier. Wrap a few turns of duct tape around the top of the seat post. Carefully pack the dry ice...
  6. I-ROBOT

    1989 Wicked Rims

    I don't think so, but I'm not 100% sure. I thought they were just regular production frames outfitted with Mavic parts wherever possible. I didn't have any direct involvement and I don't remember being told that any specific frames were going to become Mavic bikes. But, you know, that old smoky...
  7. I-ROBOT

    1990 Wicked needs a new color - Open to suggestions

    send me a PM for contact info
  8. I-ROBOT

    1989 Wicked Rims

    We worked with Seattle Bike Supply for a while to supply complete bike parts kits to dealers for them to assemble into complete bikes at their shops. We rarely ever assembled complete bikes for shipment, if ever. Most complete assemblies done at FCC were for employee bikes or race team bikes or...
  9. I-ROBOT

    1990 Wicked needs a new color - Open to suggestions

    I will have to find a photo of it to post, but my 1987 Wicked had a "partial" harlequin paint job done by Hoss Rogers. The main triangle was all white and the seatstays and chainstays were harlequin red and blue. Also, my box crown fork was harlequin red and blue. I used black decals for some...
  10. I-ROBOT

    Fat Chance Mountain Bike

    It's a 1985 Fat, probably welded by Gary Helfrich hisself! ;)
  11. I-ROBOT

    Fat Chance Team Yo Eddy 10th Anniversary Restored Size Small Retro MTB Frame

    Didn't last long. Hope it's a real 10th Scott
  12. I-ROBOT

    2021 Surly Krampus Hardtail MTB, XL, 27/29+, Shimano SLX Fat Chance Tribute ibis

    Gotta be honest, I kinda like it! I'm glad they used the Buck Shaver scheme since it keeps the memory of Pat Egan alive.
  13. I-ROBOT

    YO Eddy fork? Looks like or lookalike...

    She's a beauty! Nice work, as always
  14. I-ROBOT

    1989 Wicked Fat Chance

    OK, so here is a bit of trivia for all you COG members. There are no plasma welded Wickeds. I know this may shock many of you but it's true. :oops: My predecessor, Gary Helfrich, adapted a plasma torch to an old Miller Syncrowave TIG welding machine and managed to get it working to some...
  15. I-ROBOT

    1988 Fat Chance

    Nice looking Fat! Don't see many of these. The Fat had a slacker head angle - 69 degrees versus 71 for the wicked - slightly longer chainstays and a 2 inch rake on the original unicrown fork. Looks like the original black powder coat finish which was applied to all of the frames (I forget the...
  16. I-ROBOT

    Value Appreciating?

    Thanks for posting the photo of the hang tag! From top to bottom: The red squiggly signature - Wendyll Behrend, wife of Chris Chance and co-owner of Fat City Cycles; KUBY - Alison Kuby - worked in finishing and did brazing and some welding. She was an amazing metal artist and left FCC to move to...
  17. I-ROBOT

    YO Eddy fork? Looks like or lookalike...

    Hi Rody! Nice to see that you're still around. Had fun meeting and hanging out with you in Hartford. Hope things are well and I still have the T-shirt Regards Scott
  18. I-ROBOT

    Pinhole in BB shell joint

    She looks pretty again! Where did you get that handle bar? Let me know Thanks Scott
  19. I-ROBOT

    YO Eddy fork? Looks like or lookalike...

    Its a knock-off, we never used brake mounts like that on Yo forks. No tear-drop gussets. The bottom cut-outs are almost flat and we used laser-cut tube sections that were welded to the fork legs. Also, I believe we used Campagnolo drop-outs exclusively unless the customer wanted stainless steel...
  20. I-ROBOT

    Vintage 1987 Fat Chance Trails frame/bike 26" front wheel, 24" rear wheel

    Super-rare TRIALS frame! It's been bastardized with a derailleur mount and a suspension fork but it is a true TRIALS frame (not trails, like the ad says)