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    80s Posters

    I've got a poster stash that hasn't been unrolled in 34 years. I'll see if I can flatten and photo one....
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    1989 Wicked Fat Chance

    Yeah, that one gets meticulously cleaned after every ride - I'm running low on spare drivetrain parts :ROFLMAO:. The bar you see is 1st Generation Merlin Ti, but with a WTB decal. I do have another Merlin Ti, but not selling any MTB stuff.
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    1989 Wicked Fat Chance

    Thinking of putting Ritchey Duro Tires back on for that old school look...
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    Fat City Cycles Frame Registry

    Easily solved for the better (seatstay) location ;)
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    1989 Wicked Fat Chance

    Old school rides are not like modern bikes. The forward position of that era, along with the Wicked's geometry, benefited from a foot/pedal connection. BITD I remember putting Shimano DX pedals on this very bike, hitting a few trail runs, then putting the clips right back on. Every other bike I...
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    1989 Wicked Rims

    Our shop (Mark's Bike Shop) did mostly custom wheels on bike of this level. Vantage were really hot at that time, and it was the tail end of the de facto Araya-RM-Series.
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    1989 Wicked Rims

    Any of those are good.
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    1989 Wicked Rims

    Back in '89 we built them with RM17's, RM 25's, or Ritchey Vantage.
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    1989 Wicked Fat Chance

    If I were to entertain selling this beauty, yeah, I know, that pains me to type that. Anyway, what are the better channels to put the word out? I don't need to sell it, but I ride Fat Bikes and BMX, so it just doesn't get ridden. :(
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    Value Appreciating?

    I feel like vintage MTB peaked in the late 1990's, so getting the '89 retail price today is kinda good. I'd consider selling my full-custom '89 Wicked but dollar-wise I'd be better off parting it out.
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    '88 Wicked with Reynolds 531 Box Crown & Unique Paint

    I think this paint scheme was in the '88 or '89 Fat CIty catalog.
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    Rare or Cool FATs thread and pics that got lost in time…

    Back in 1986 this stem arrived with my red/yellow Fat Chance. Apparently it was NOT supposed to have left Fat City. I tiger-striped the stem and fork myself.
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    Fat City Stem

    In 1987 I ordered my first Fat Chance. This is the stem it came with! At the time I worked at Mark's Bike Shop, and we were fast becoming an hot East Coast mail order shop in addition to a cool LBS. I ordered the Fat as an employee bike and was really surprised with the stem they sent. In...
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    1989 Wicked Fat Chance

    I submit my 1989 Wicked Fat Chance This is my all time favorite ride. Rigid and fun, climbs like nothing else, quick geometry - the perfect package. When I first switched from a Fat Chance to the Wicked, I found myself dropping into nose wheelies in the rolling stuff, it was that much...