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    W2B Shock-A-Billy frame or whole bike pls

    What model are you looking for?
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    29.4 Thomson seatpost

    Hi 29.4 Thomson silver seatpost, got some scratches from insertion but in good condition. Looking for £35 plus P&P, happy to shop anywhere in the world
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    29.4 Turquoise Ringle Seatpost

    Hi, I have an excellent condition 29.4 Ringle seatpost in turquoise blue... what more can I say! Pictures available.
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    Jez, Guess what I've got... and I am willing to sell
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    Yo Rasta

    It has just come to me, I did a race at Gambrill State Park in Maryland in 94, end of I think. Anyway there was a Yo-Eddy there which Fat had painted Red, gold and Green and had special decals made saying Yo Rasta.... now I wonder where that was. The guy who owned it worked for Perfomance Bike...