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    '88 Wicked in AZ
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    FS:(AZ) Ringle , Nuke Proof , Rock Shox , Ritchey

    **ALL SOLD** Minty condition with all the original ti bolts. **SOLD** [/IMG] Rock Shox Mag 20, probably going to need a rebuild. **SOLD** [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] NukeProof hubs on Ritchey Vantage rims(no decal on front rim) Wheelset, spins buttery smooth with very little miles since...
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    WTT(AZ): Blk Perforated Flite Ti for Grey Perforated Specialized

    my flite ti is in excellent condition, wanting a grey perforated specialized(92-93) or grey flite ti in comparable condition, thx... [/IMG] No Gunk in the holes [/IMG]
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    Who's who?

    Anyone recognize these guys/gals? **Updated, names at bottom of pic** [/IMG]
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    WTB: Ringle Zooka 1" Stem Clamp-on(Threadless)

    Hello, as the title states, I'm looking for a Ringle Zooka 1" Stem Clamp-on(Threadless) in 120mm or 135mm, little bit of rise would be nice, blue or silver finish. Preferably NOS/excellent condition. I have a blue ringle zooka stem in excellent condition for trade, 150mm if interested. Also...