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  1. fat-tony

    Green 29.4 seat gasket seal source

    I have a new source for these to be fabricated. I need one so the company can use as a mold. Anyone got a spare green 29.4 seat collar seal gasket they can spare so I can get some of these made? This would be for the Yo Eddy using the DKG seal binder clamp with the groove for the gasket. The...
  2. fat-tony

    Salsa Stem with roller 120mm

    Still searching for a 1 inch quill Salsa Stem with roller , 120 mm. PM me if you have something. :beer:
  3. fat-tony

    New FAT Chance Bicycles

    This is the category to post up those great new 2016 FAT Chance Bicycles frames and bikes that Fatcog members have been receiving from their recent orders. Please share here. :beer:
  4. fat-tony

    Nice Blog post from Fat Chance Bicycles :beer:
  5. fat-tony

    Selling an item

    READ the sticky rules. If your item sells, LEAVE THE PRICE in your ad. Just add "SOLD" next to the price. It helps others and saves time. :beer:
  6. fat-tony

    Yo on ebay

    By the look of the photo of the bottom bracket area that is clearly showing signs that rust is bubbling through the paint, I suspect the seat tube may be full of a bunch of rust on this "excellent" frame.
  7. fat-tony

    Rockshox Judy 1 inch steerer threadless

    Decent shape Rockshox Judy with 1 inch steerer, 6 1/4 inches long. Needs a good cleaning to make it shine. Starnut installed but no headset race. Rebounds but hasn't been ridden in a while so possibly needs a rebuild. $100 plus add shipping to the lower 48. PM me if interested.
  8. fat-tony

    pretty sweet ride
  9. fat-tony

    Prices on re-furbished FAT's

    Prices have been all over the place for repainted, refurbished FATs. I took on the project of creating my perfect dream bike some years ago, the one I could never afford and could barely afford today. I located a frame that was in desperate need of a repaint. I sourced everything I could to be...
  10. fat-tony

    salsa stem w/ roller

    Thought I would try yet again: Salsa stem with roller needed for 1 inch threaded steerer, minimum rise, around 120 mm in length. PM me if you have something available.
  11. fat-tony

    Shimano SPD M737 pedals

    About as minty fresh as you can get without saying "NOS". Shimano SPD M737 pedals with all cleats and accessories with box. Pedals were mounted but never ridden. New everything and not used. SOLD.
  12. fat-tony

    IRC geo claw lite tires

    Set of two (sold together) 2.10 X 26 vintage gum wall tires in fantastic condition. IRC geo claw lite tires. Hardly used. Pictures tell the story $55 + $13.00 USPS priority shipping to the lower 48. SOLD
  13. fat-tony

    Fatcogs Mods

    Fatcogs would like to welcome yo-Nate-y as an additional moderator! :beer:
  14. fat-tony

    Yo Eddy 1993 Small/medium

    #405Y3SM frame, but was purchased in 1994. Small / Medium size! Completely restored in 2006 with new paint from D+D Cycles (west coast San Lorenzo shop), original decals from Wendyl. Frame was fully built up as a dream project of mine so there are marks at bottom bracket and drop outs where...
  15. fat-tony


    May this be a great year for all and bring everyone lots of cool Fats to ride. Everyone needs a new project to start the year off right! :beer:
  16. fat-tony

    For Sale 10th Anniversary Cheap!

    Got your attention! (sorry) It's been raining "for sale" post lately with no price or links to eBay ads. Newbies, read the sticky that outlines the rules for posting in the "for sale" section here on Fatcogs. All "for sale" items must state a price. :cool: Post with no price will be pulled.
  17. fat-tony

    NOS 10th anniversary

    Anyone here on Fatcogs land the 10th Anniversary FAT that went through ebay? I was outbid by a huge margin ...Someone got a sweet frame and fork.
  18. fat-tony

    93 0r 94 YO beater frame medium

    Looking for a 1993 or 1994 Yo frame that needs work for resto project. Condition does not matter. :beer: Send me a PM.
  19. fat-tony

    had to share my ebay pain

    I am normally not like this, but damn................ From me, Dude: I am so tired of looking at this bike! No one is going to pay $5999 for it............ from seller, hey, if you buy it, it'll go away. ha! otherwise, my prediction is that it'll be up here for a long long long long time...
  20. fat-tony

    salsa stem with roller, 1 inch

    What you got to sell or trade? :pumpkin: