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    Ugh--FCC True Temper Handlebar decal

    One Half of the Result The handlebar is from a late 86 Fat Chance, which was faded. I simply removed the anodizing and polished it up.
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    Ugh--FCC True Temper Handlebar decal

    Despite my best attempts (which may be deficient--I've been told that before), I cannot find a clean, complete picture of the True Temper Decal found on the early FCC handlebars. There are glimpses on various threads but nothing clear as a bell showing all the details. I've asked sellers of...
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    Kicker 85635

    Just finished a restoration of this December '85 Kicker. It's been posted here twice before by Shotty in its as-found condition, rescued from a dump somewhere back east. I believe every nut and bolt was rusted, with some of the components over the hill and others still usable with quite a bit of...
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    Seatpost for 85 Kicker

    Hi--Looking for either a first generation Suntour XC or Strong seatpost in NOS or near condition in size 26.4 for this build. Send me a PM if you have something. Thanks!
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    NOS Sugino Chainring

    Need a NOS Sugino Chainring in 110bcd and 46t or 44t. Prefer the type that came on mid-80s Sugino AT triple cranks with the more polished surface and small triangles at the bolt holes. Same in Specialized also will work. Must be outside ring for a triple.
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    Fat City Handlebar for 85 Fat Chance

    As the last part required for the rebuild of an 85 Fat Chance (ok--a Salsa 1" quill roller stem in 100-130mm, 15+ degree rise and/or Salsa Moto Bar might be nice too ;)), I'm looking for a NOS/darn close to Fat City handlebar. This is the flat bar in black (never seen a silver) with the Fat...