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    Steve Potts Steelhead / Bontrager OR

    This has not been an easy decision, but i will decrease my collection down to one Retro MTB, which will be my WTB Phoenix SE. Therefore all others can go (or have already gone). Here are the two remainders i am now offering: 1) 1994 Steve Potts Steelhead > 2nd owner > OG paint > 1 of 10-12 ones...
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    Box crown fork w/ roller cam mounts

    I am looking for one of the vintage FC Boxcrown forks for my early Wicked. Thanks and best regards Moritz
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    Fat Chance Chris Cross

    Frame and Fork in original but used condition. Sizewise i'd prefer a 57-58cm top tube length. Thanks Moritz
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    Fat Chance Yo Eddy frame+fork , Large, Grello

    Fat Chance frame+fork , Large, Grello that is pretty much all i need and i am prepared for a very long wait. Yo Eddy, Wicked or Team Comp in nice color schemes, preferably neon ones, but would look at all offers. No repaints, only original paint in solid condition. Thanks in advance Moritz
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    Fat Chance Yo Eddy L frameset

    In any of the following colors > Team Grello > Grello Thanks for any help. Moritz
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    Trade Yo Eddy M/L against L or other 20" frame sets...

    My 1992 Kandy Wild Cherry is a bit small for me, so i am looking for an L frame set in trade or something else in 20", like a Salsa A La Carte or a Merlin Mountain. It has some riding patina and chainsuck, but overall condition is pretty good. Best regards Moritz PS: only looking for...
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    1994 Fat Chance Yo Eddy Sapphire Fade frameset

    i am parting with one of my two Yo Eddys, the 1994 Sapphire Fade "from the bottom up". The built up thread can be found here ... p;start=30. Frame size is M/L and i will post exact measurements and more detailed pix later this week. For sale are frame /...
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    1" Salsa Roller Stem

    condition doesn't matter, max 130-135mm length. have a nice first generation Syncros with cable routing as swap or trade + money to offer. Best Moritz
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    1990/1991 Fat Chance Yo Eddy Frameset (M/L)

    Not for me this time, but for a friend, who got hooked up after riding my Yo.…..we are looking for a 1990 or 1991 frameset (frame and fork) in size M/L in either Grello, Team Grello or Team Jersey. This one is to ride, so the only requirement is no dents and dings. It can/should be in used...
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    Merlin Elevator frame, 19"

    yes i know they are rare….i had one already and made the mistake of selling it again, so back on the search. Anyone who can help will be rewarded accordingly (i am talking $, not just a thank you). Much appreciated Moritz
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    29,4 Seat Post Silver.....

    the last piece to my Yo..... AC, Kingsbery or Ringle in silver and 29.4mm. Thanks and best regards Moritz
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    1" Fork, Type2, Gatorblade or Kona Track2

    hi folks, as i am expecting an early Merlin Mountain frame without a fork, i am looking for the impossible to pair with... > Brodie Gatorblade > Potts Type 2 > Kona Track 2 either one with 1" steerer and preferably black (not necessarily). Any help is very much appreciated. Best regards...
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    1994 Fat Chance Yo Eddy Sapphire Fade

    morning guys, well i got this rare paint job back in April and it came with a black Yo Eddy fork. Since the Nitto stem ii wanted to use was silver and the McMahon Steely Danz cranks had some weird red color, i decided to ask a very talented painter to take on the challenge and adjust all parts...
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    Color questions Yo Eddy

    hi guys, i have the 1994 Yo Eddy "Sapphire Fade from the bottom up" Now as you can see it is only the frame. The fork is black and is currently with a painter, who is trying to see how close he can get. My question is: Is there any way to find out the original colors used on this paint...
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    Ringle Moby 29.4 Post (silver)

    hi there, i am looking for a nice silver seat post for my 1994 Yo Eddy Sapphire Fade. First up would be a Ringle Moby, then maybe a Controltech, AC or Kingsberry or Interlock. Not sure whether the three latter ones had 29.4 post and Interlock had silver ones. Much appreciated and best regards...
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    Fat Chance Yo Eddy Frameset M/L or L

    In good or very good condition and with original fork. Colorwise i'd prefer Wild Cherry or Grello, but am open to other offers as well. Thanks in advance and best regards M
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    Yo Eddy Frame + Fork Size L

    hi there. first post already a "wanted" one...nice intro. great forum here! just sold my Breezer as it was to small so looking for an adequate substitute. precisely: an early 90s yo eddy framset in size L. dont mind an old and used condition as long as it hasnt got any dents or similar...