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    Where is everyone?

    I can't believe there are no more posts on this site then I see. When I joined it was cranking. Now it seems like a mortuary. Where is everyone? Where did they go? They certainly aren't selling their fats because I don't see many on the market. When I look at the last post dates it makes me so...
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    Powdercoat vs. Paint

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    Girvin ATF fork

    Anyone have experience taking one of these apart? If anyone has suggestions or schematics please let me know. I have one in a local bicycle shop and cannot figure out how to take the rods out of the fork.
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    Original tires

    I am retiring my '87 Fat City Bike and it will be "on display" in my office next to my desk where I can give it some love everyday. :) Will pull it out on special days to ride. I need to change the tires to knobbies so that it is back in it's original look. Not sure what the original tires...
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    History of mountain biking

    What is the best book available on history of mountain biking and also covering various mountain bike start up companies? I know about the monbat Museum and the one in Marin County California which I hope to visit both one day. In the meantime I would love to have some a book or books on histories.
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    Just picked up a 1996 Barracuda. Looks like just after the company was bought out but the frame and the specs look like it was prior to the buyout. Anyone have any one of these? Pictures to follow
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    Yo. Size

    I just ordered a new Yo Eddy and I am questioning my size. Who out there is five foot seven and has a Yo Eddy? What size do you have?:confused:
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    New Yo

    Well I took the plunge today. I'll plunk down a deposit on a new Yo Eddy. It will be chameleon green without the fade. The new Yo will sit side-by-side with my 1986 Fat Chance which I bought new. I think I got my money's worth out of it and hope to do so with the new Yo Eddy.
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    Anyone have suggestions for a really good paint shop for my FC? I bought it new in 88 and it needs some love. All original........
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    What size is a medium?

    I have an 1986 FC.......and am looking for another FC to ride the streets...... On mine I measure 18" from middle of crank to top of seat post. I am 5' 7" Is mine a medium?
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    When was I born?

    Fat chance serial number 87062. I bought this new as I remember in the mid to late eighties at a shop going out of business. I had no idea what this bicycle was but I knew that I liked it. I ride it at least two to three times a week and absolutely love and Would never sell it. I would like to...