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    98-00 Ti Fat

    I'm patient. I'm looking for frame only, in excellent condition. I lost the bid to MikeyNYC for the one on eBay with red stickers and have never forgiven myself. Again, I'm in no rush, but when the right one comes along, I'd like to have it. 1-1/8" headset - 80mm adjusted - Threaded BB -...
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    Groovy Big Wheel 29r - Paragon Sliders - Ho Down Fork

    SOLD 1/22/10 Hey Fat Coggers. This isn't a fat, but one of the very next best things. Rody built this for the NAHB show. I think some of you might have seen it. I have been doing some more aggressive riding lately (pronounced tight switchbacks) and have decided to move back to 26" wheels...
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    Great Parts For Sale -

    So, I'm getting out of the vintage/classic MTB game, and out of the 26" wheel game as well. I have some great stuff for sale. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. For more pictures of these items, please click this link: (P.S...
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    1991 Yo Eddy

    SOLD !!!!! I'm going to sell it. It is probably going to be parted out, unless someone makes me a killer offer on current set up. Here are the details. 91 Medium Yo Eddy Black with Pink stickers - 1 owner (I bought it new in 1991). From front to back. Groovy Cycle Works replica Yo Eddy...
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    Reincarnated Yo!

    I've owned this one since 1991. It went through a half-dozen iterations, and was last a Single Speed with v-brakes.... Well... now it is mostly all period correct...and restored. Here are some pics. More pics here:
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    Selling some stuff

    18" Ti IF Deluxe - STD Geometry (2004) - $1800 26" I-9 Ultra-Lite Disc Wheelset (Stan's ZTR 355 rims w/ DT-Swiss tape already installed) Tubeless ready - $750 OBO 2008 XT HollowTech Crankset - 175mm with rings and BB (External) - $200 Shipping is extra... please contact me via PM with...
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    Brooks B-17 Narrow Ti / Moots Ti Layback 27.2

    Both have less than 500 miles and are in excellent condition. The saddle is a limited edition (#333) narrow sprinter in dark brown. It comes with the original box, wrench, proofide (unopened), cloth, cover, and certificate. It has a couple of scuffs from leaning on the rear corners (see...
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    Second FAT riders SoCal Ride - JUNE 1, 2008

    Hey All. I'm stealing some of Upchuck's thunder here, but would like to invite any and all FAT riders to show up in Orange County, CA on June 1, 2008; likely in the wee early hours of the morning to celebrate our vintage rides and enjoy some trails. So far, Upchuck, SetteMarche and I are in...
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    Slim Chance

    Not Mine... Will cost some bucks to get it down here... but someone may want it. -j
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    Hey Doug.

    Isn't this the one you just sent back? With the rusted seat tube? The bike looks great in the pic.
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    Wicked Lite

    Not mine. I spoke to this fella, and he seemed like a solid guy. Says the bike has a Bruce Gordon stem on it. I'd buy it, but can't afford it right now.
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    FS: Phil Wood Bottom Bracket

    $105 shipped for bottom bracket with cups JIS Square Taper 119 mm spindle Stainless - not Titanium Cups are standard (English) Will fit 73 or 68 mm bottom brackets This bottom bracket has less than 100 miles on it. I had it in my Yo Eddy that I sold to pay for my Titanium IF, for which I...
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    Fox Vanilla RLC 125 - $225 OBO

    SOLD !!!! Fox Vanilla RLC 125. 6-5/8 inch long steerer 1-1/8 inch diameter steerer Mounts for Canti/V-brakes as well as disk. This fork is adjustable for 80/100/120mm travel with spacers. It is an oil over coil spring. Totally bulletproof.
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    Rody Rocks !!!!

    No Duh!!! But, I just took the second ride on my new Groovy Ho Down fork, and I'm going to say something....... I like it better than my BOI. This fork is awesome. It is so accurate and the braking is 100% better than my BOI was. I hit a killer little rock garden in the dark tonight and the...
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    No more ebay for me.

    All my stuff is getting sold in these boards/forums from now on. ;-P I'll take pics tomorrow. All items are OBO -XTR Front D
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    Mavic X-Max Tubeless Wheelset

    All Black with Mavic Skewers, Shimano Cassette body, with or without Kenda Nevegal (1 ride) and/or small-block 8. Make an offer ...
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    HELP with Fox Vanilla RLC 80mm Fork

    Hi. I've just changed the oil in my Vanilla, and I can't get the left (port) side to stop leaking. I realized it was leaking, and so went and got a new crush washer. The problem I'm having is that when I try to tighten the 10mm bottom nut against the crush washer, the whole shaft just spins...
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    Classic parts for sale

    I need to sell this stuff to support my habit. ;-) Brand new Kore Polished stem 1" x 5* x 135mm x 25.4 (bought on eBay and didn't use) - SOLD Well used black Control Tech stem 1" x 5* x 140mm x 25.4 Brand new Scott AT-2 bars - bought on eBay and didn't use - SOLD Used Scott AT-2 - LF bars (good...
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    91 Yo Eddy SS Build

    Here She Is.... Parts List: Salsa Chromoly Stem / Syncros Bars / XTR Levers / XT Headset / BOI Fork Mavic 819 Rims - White Industries Racer-X up front / ENO Erik rear / 20 tooth WI freewheel Middleburn 180 BLACK (yah.. upchuck, black) cranks XTR V-brakes front & rear Nevegal 2.1 tubeless...
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    Adjusting Chain-line on press-in bottom bracket

    I haven't taken it apart yet, but would be very appreciative of any advice. As I recall, the spindle has some collars on it. Are the collars what keeps the spindle in alignment? If the collars are loosened, will the spindle adjust side to side? Thanks in advance. -j