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    Serial number

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    Fat City Cycles Frame Registry

    Definitely would be my guess as well.
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    Rare Cook Brothers Racing Sushi Vintage Titanium Handlebar 22.2/25.4mm with Shim

    Very nice .. plus an incredible bike collection. Hats off!
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    Saratoga Yo- Eddy green fade

    Serial number is pretty standard: Yo - Med / Large - 1189 frame built for whatever year. 1996 seems right.
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    97/98 Yo Eddy

    FYI - price update $1,500.00 shipped to the lower 48.
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    Saratoga FAT Ti XTR King Cook Bros

    Posting the serial number always helps with value estimates.
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    Rescued an 80’s Fat Chance

    Actually looks pretty nice. I’d raise the seat and ride it!
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    Not sure I see what the current prices are.. can you update? Thanks.
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    1994 M/L Yo Eddy for Sale $1,500 OBO **Update** Still available

    I'm not sure when the BOI became the Holy Grail of FCC forks, but most everyone wanted suspension back then. You don't see any MTB manufacturers today offering their $5,000+ carbon bikes with rigid forks do you?
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    1994 M/L Yo Eddy for Sale $1,500 OBO **Update** Still available

    Did you finalize the sale?
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    1989 Wicked Rims

    Lol … yeah I’m sure things get a bit foggy 😂
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    1989 Wicked Rims

    Scott - Do you know if the Mavic support bikes had a different serial number designation?
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    Daily driver

    We would all benefit if more of us could commute by bike.
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    Daily driver

    I'm fortunate enough to ride to work and look forward to the commute.
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    1989 Wicked Fat Chance

    Tip - I got rid of the toe clips on my '89 wicked for safety reasons just a lot easier to get out of. I like the toe flips though gotta love WTB(y)
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    Wanted: Fat Titanium Medium (17”-18”)

    No updates for this thread .. still looking or made a purchase??
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    YO Eddy fork? Looks like or lookalike...

    I'm guessing no, but if you just want to use it not sure it matters.
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    BMX Buddy Grabbed a Fat

    Wheels are very nice.
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    Pinhole in BB shell joint

    Sort of like Yoda 😂... sorry couldn't resist