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    FCC Box crown fork

    Interested. Can you email me for purchase? Thanks
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    95 m/l shock a billy frame/fork w extras 1500 plus shipping

    I bought this understanding every bushing is brand new and both shocks are 100% rebuilt with zero miles as well. I do see several spots that were touched up with factory paint (small spots) 1st year of their own design with only about 120 to 130 made this year. This bike was made in...
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    94 SAB "P" serial

    I have a 94 shock a billy and the serial number has a p where the usual "b" would be. Anyone know what the reason is for this?? Note: on the mombat serial number cypher they have a p (94) one and a b (93) one so it's not obviously the only one or anything. Just wondering if all 94s are like...
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    Selling 5 fats.

    Cutting my collection in half. You will have to message me for pics as my trying to size reduce my pics are obviously too tech complicated for me. Small complete yo w fork. Mint. 1800 Med/sm yo frame and fork 900 needs paint Med/lg yo with fork complete bike. Very nice cond. special build 1900...
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    complete year 1 Fat chance yo eddy w fork 1700 shipped

    Sold.... 1700 shipped in conus Pics are super tough to upload. Please pm me w an email address or phone I can send pics to
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    want to trade 29.4 nos campy post for ti syncros 29 4

    I have a NOS campagnolo centaur (the good one) m9untain bike in 29.4 x 350 post with original box and I'm looking for a ti syncros 29.4 for trade. Thanks
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    I would love a later Saratoga Yo or ti.

    I would really like to buy a later Saratoga yo or titanium. My Ideal would be 1 1/8" with fork and disc brakes. But even 1 or 2 of these options will work. I have amazing trade bait for the right stuff or cash. Your choice. Any size. Thank you Found 99 ti w boi. Thanks Ron!!
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    I'm selling a fair amount of fat chance stuff right now

    I'm on ebay under allen.2013 If i post something on there for a buy it now and someone on here wants it I will give you a better price than the ebay price. I have a fair amount on there now but have atleast that same amount still to list including a yo or 2, a ti and a shock a billy. I don't...
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    welder paratori from 90-93

    Anyone remember a welder trained in ti welding from early 90s? Last name paratore? Forget first name. Story I got was there were 2 welders and 1 was paratore. Bought a bike that paratore made for his brother and would be cool if someone remembered anything about him/it. I'll get the 1st name and...
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    disc yo on ebay

    Disc yo on ebay. Boston built.
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    med or lg boi needed. have cash or ??? read

    Many things to offer. I.dont care what color you have. I really need two but as long as no dents I'll take em. I have many items to trade including ird with 1" threadless titanium post, American classic Co 27.2 titanium sear post, a syncros 27.2 titanium seat post, ringle hubbed rims, much xtr...
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    400 dollar monster fat on cl Ringle post looks good
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    29.4 ti syncros

    Pros closet has 29.4 ti syncros on ebay right now. Hope I posted this in correct place. It's not mine but know how tough they are to get ahold of. I do not know how to share links so if someone can help I'm sure people would appreciate it.