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    1995 model year Chris Chance Road

    For Sale: $1700 (negotiable)+shipping. I am listing this as a Chris Chance Road as it has the features that where changed for the 1995 Chris Chance launch, even though the serial # shows it to have been built in 1994. So this very well could be a Slim, it is in excellent shape, including new...
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    Serial Number Help

    After my last post, I went out and measured the down tube and it does measure 30mm and it does have oval chain stays and vertical rear dropouts, which matches the specs of the Chris Chance frame. I’m the second owner, so I’m not sure when the original owner purchased. I bought it from the 1st...
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    Serial Number Help

    Thanks…that makes more sense, it gets confusing as I’ve seen in other forums a bike with a similar serial number that stated a 033C48 was built in 1994 for the 1995 catalog. And that the “C” stood for custom. Do you know when they changed from the Slim Chance logo to the Chris chance logo...
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    Serial Number Help

    Good evening. Was curious if anyone knows what the “C” in the serial number stands for? I have a road bike with serial # 007C48. Trying to figure out if it is a slim chance or Chris Chance road frame. My assumption was that the “C” would have indicated a Chris Chance road, but the year looks...