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    Cheers, makes for good reading. Double figures only at this time I would guess ;-)
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    Really keen to part out my current build kit on an SB100 over to a ti-Yo. Running a Fox SC34 fork and SRAM mechanical groupset. Looks ideal swap. Help required on these two contact points: 1. running eeWings whats with the T47 bb. CK do this but not sure what the 'fit kit' is 2. headset .... CK...
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    Fork question ...

    Hiya folks, really struggling to get the right fork for the bike in front. It should be an early SID. I can't get one with a decent steerer tube. (217 mm +) the frame is a ML with a long headtube. I had a spare Judy XC knocking around and test fitted that. It's an early Judy with I think circa...
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    Bored waiting for new van ...

    I got a new van on order, but got the rack earlier. I thought I'd try it out ;-)
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    Fat Chance Titanium

    Hiya folks, This bike is at this stage. Kinda dry fitted parts for the most. I recently saw some new pictures of Chris's own current retro ride. I'm looking to do a repro of his bike. At the moment it was getting close to the '99 catolog image. I'm thinking of sourcing some parts to both...
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    99/00/01 sid

    Hiya guys, not doing justice to a nos ti-fat frame hanging from the garage ceiling. Circa '99/00, maybe one of the last to leave the shop - TF ML 1181. All parts secured to enable this sweet bike to roll out of the garage, save for a fork. Really looking for RS SID with a long steerer. I...
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    Shed alert ...

    man loves his shed ... right
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    one toothpick please ...

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    Tfsm001 & tfm1155

    Hiya folks, I've been lazy and not really put anything up for a little while. So I thought I'll post up these two. Slow burners but just about there. Cheers Alan
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    30th anni tee shirts...

    has anyone got a pic of these please... CC sending me a couple and i'm keen to see the design :) cheers alan
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    Ringle SuperDuperBubba front hub...

    In red to match a rear Super8 the one with the D axle anyone... Cheers Alan
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    ti fat build kicked started...

    i've had this frame for some 6 months now and the build was basically stalled from the start with a hard to find part. anyhow now the longer nights draw in, i've decided the bike's got to be a runner for the spring, hopefully setting myself an achievable deadline. not withstanding i've got to...
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    'living the dream'...

    next task is to find some forks...:)
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    Fat Chance titanium frame/fork

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    '93 Yo frame ~ Kandy Wild Cherry

    350 (uk sterling) postage at cost... serial number is #229Y3ML# frame actually measures 17" c to c and 18.25" c to t cheers alan
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    ti loaded head shot

    beating the winter blue's with a little shopping...;) spring re-fit for this babe...
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    FatLanta colour code...anyone

    Guys, looking to freshenup a tired Yo. Does anyone know the colour code used on the Fatlanta Yo. Managed to snag an original set of the Fatlanta decals that wenydle (spell) listed a few years back...;) Anypics of a Fatlanta would be welcomed Might try and reproduce a replica over...
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    Even Even more ti~fat's :-)

    Popping up like crazy the last few posts :) (p.s. rody somethings missing.......;)) heres my pair.......'95 & '99 and newish arrival to the fleet
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    upgrading my seat post clamp

    Anyone here have problems with trying to thread a skewer through the seat post clamp. The Yo has the tab and clamp arrangment, but I am having problems trying to thread a Ringle through both the holes. What do others do, saw off the tab! Alan
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    not forgetting the Yo

    loving the candy cherry 93' Yo and also a team colour 99' IF deluxe, cheers alan