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    Independent Fabrications, Independence 2005 60cm

    Here's my touring bike. Amazing bike. This has the 29.4 Syncros ti post currently installed.
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    Serrotta CRL 61cm 1996

    Here's my 61cm. Serrotta Colorado CRL, fillet lugged road bike. This bike is nice and very light.
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    1987 Ritchey Outback 21"

    Here's my 1987 Ritchey Outback! This is my grocery getter/beach cruiser. Currently set up as a geared mtn. touring bike. I need to take updated pics. I have powder coated the frame, and ordered the decals through
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    Bontrager CX 60cm

    Here's my 1995 Bontrager CX race bike, this was originally built for my friend Justin Robinson, this was built for the european cx championships in Germany IIRC. There's actually two of them, the other is owned by my friend here in Santa Cruz. Very rare framesets. These both have the stock...