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    Lloyd’s Yo - looking for build details

    Employee bikes were different than production frames so serial numbers and geometries won't apply. Also there will most likely be custom "touches" which wouldn't be standard such as Wilson dropouts etc. It is possible that a frame was mis-stamped on the BB shell and marked as a "second" and...
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    When I access my conversations and check the box next to any of them the action drop down menu doesn't have delete as an option. So I'm not sure where else to look for a delete option. Thanks
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    Hi John .. getting more spam messages sent to be in PM conversations. Hard to believe people have time for that BS. Thanks
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    97/98 Yo Eddy

    Thanks ... That's what I think too. The previous owner said he got it directly from FCC after it was to be used for the 97/98 catalog(y)
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    97/98 Yo Eddy

    Additional photos - showing all paint nicks etc.
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    97/98 Yo Eddy

    Price update: $2,000.00 including shipping to the lower 48.
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    Small Shock a Billy

    Great band
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    Fat Chance Bandaids // Ringle Bits // American Classic Cages // Purple pedals // Boosters Skewers etc

    If anyone wants the pedals they are for sale. Thanks
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    Another Wicked Lite (1993)

    The paint scheme for my bike was called Cosmic Dust Fade.
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    97/98 Yo Eddy

    For Sale: 1997 / 98 Yo Eddy Medium complete bike Serial # YO M 2440 Chameleon Metallic with matching Rock Shox SID fork from FCC. Mostly XTR with 9 speed Sram shifters and rear derailleur. A few light scratches and nicks to the paint, but otherwise in excellent condition and works flawlessly...
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    94 Yo frame S/M

    Just what is pictured is for sale. All 1994 FCC bikes had 1" headtubes. Thanks
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    93 - 94 Specialized Future Shock fork

    For sale: 1993 - 94 Specialized Future Shock fork 1" threaded steerer tube (5" in length). Price: $65.00 + shipping Good condition fork that holds air and ready to ride. These must have been made by Rock Shox since they are very similar in construction. Stanchions are great and light rust on...
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    94 Yo frame S/M

    For sale: 1994 Yo Eddy frame S/M - Aqua fade with King headset Price: $575.00 + shipping Serial # ?25Y4SM Good condition frame with a few scratches - frame saver tape on all wear areas minor surface rust in seat tube which doesn't affect the structural integrity. Serial number is hard to make...
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    Monster Fat (1992?)

    See the '91 Monster For Sale for the seat collar and cable hanger set up you will need.
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    Hot Pink - Monster Fat for sale - Medium

    Actually a 1991 Medium Monster
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    Small Titanium

    They're out there.
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    Yeti Road Project - Custom

    Yeti Road Project - Custom frame approximately 52cm, Top tube c to c 53 cm, Seat tube 52 cm, Standover 30.25". No serial number. Mostly Ultegra, Dura ace shifters - 9 speed. Custom frame built in Durango. Limited head tube badge (Zephyr) and homegrown decal. Rear tire will need to be replaced...
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    Hello John - What's up with the spam?
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    1982 #11 - what's your thoughts?

    Very cool bikes ... Thor is a good guy and another true FAT fan. The early bikes ride really nice from what I know. Not the best performance, but quality rides all the same ... enjoy !
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    1990 Wicked Fat Chance

    Unfortunately your bike doesn't have the XC Pro crankset - that does make a difference IMO.