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  1. I-ROBOT

    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    I hope this damned pandemic ends soon and that I win the lottery so I can come to Europe again and meet up. That would be so much fun Regards as always Scott
  2. I-ROBOT

    1992 Catalogue

    1992 was such a tumultuous year. We all thought the new place on Linden St was going to be really good but none of us knew what Chris had to give in order to get it and it wound up being the death of FCC Somerville. Personally, I became a dad for the first time and my head was spinning from...
  3. I-ROBOT

    Help ID'ing Yo Eddy Paint Color

    I know we used Dupont Imron paint but I have no idea what that code might be. Imron is probably part of Axalta Coating Systems now since Dupont spun off that business. Try looking at their website. Good luck! She's an oldie but a goodie. Appears to be in decent shape Regards Scott
  4. I-ROBOT

    Were XL Fat frames made in small quantities?

    Impressive! That thing is gigantic :oops:
  5. I-ROBOT

    Monster Fat (1992?)

    Hello and Welcome! Yes it appears that you have a 1992 medium Monster Fat! I'm sure I had my hands on it at some point in the manufacturing process. I forget who we got the knock-off forks from. It was an attempt to reduce the cost while maintaining the look. Good luck with it! Regards Scott
  6. I-ROBOT

    1994 M/L Yo Eddy for Sale $1,500 OBO

    Hello Chris! Been a LONG time, hope things are well. We got titanium from Ancotech if I remember correctly. Another blast from the past! Wow Hope to see you again sometime Scott
  7. I-ROBOT

    1990 Wicked Fat Chance - Price Drop!

    For the record, this bike is a 19.5" Wicked. The 18" has a sloping top tube and the bottom of the top tube and top of the down tube touch at the head tube weld joints. The 19.5 has about a half-inch space. The head tube is longer Good Luck with the sale Scott
  8. I-ROBOT

    91 Grello Fade Yo - 2.0 Lavender Yo

    Nice work!! Love the scenery too! Scott
  9. I-ROBOT

    1982 #11 - what's your thoughts?

    Beautiful Bikes! Before my time obviously, I was running around Seabrook Station while it was under construction during those years. So glad I answered a little blind ad in the Boston Globe looking for a tubing welder in late 1986. I passed the audition 😆
  10. I-ROBOT

    Were XL Fat frames made in small quantities?

    The largest FAT frames produced were the 23" Fats and Wickeds in the late 80's and early 90's while I was there. These were produced in very small numbers compared to the smaller frames. I'm not aware of anything larger produced and it would have been custom. The 23's were sized for riders up to...
  11. I-ROBOT

    FCC Box crown fork

    Hello Gang! Was reading through this so I measured my box crown fork. It appears that you measured from the very top of the crown race. I measured mine in the same manner and it is 4.875" (4-7/8"). My Wicked is an 18" and the 16.5"s used the same head tube and forks. I would say that yours came...
  12. I-ROBOT

    Fat BOI Fork Variation

    Our pal Stinger has summed things up pretty well here. I wish I had more knowledge of forks but I wasn't involved much in the daily production. I concentrated on frames and welding development of new designs as well as day-to-day administration. The tear-drop gussets were added after some...
  13. I-ROBOT

    Wicked Lite serial # and paint color

    responded to your message 139th Wicked of 1993. 19.5" frame color is "Leslie's Purple" Leslie worked in Somerville for a while (maybe a couple of years) mostly in finishing. She raced and the purple Imron was her color Nice bike! Regards Scott
  14. I-ROBOT

    Yo Eddy 1991 Retro Mod

    I love that! Even though I welded many a FAT frame, I am not a purist by any means. If I had the funds and access to a shop again, I would do the same thing to my titanium frame and completely update it. Nice way to take a YO into the 21st century. Smart to add the bridge tube under the rear...
  15. I-ROBOT

    Serial number help

    I'm not sure on this one. I didn't have anything to do with numbering. Somebody on this site has the old serial number records That frame does have the old pressed in bottom bracket so it is an early YO
  16. I-ROBOT

    NAHBS Hartford

    Hey Gang Just bought a ticket to NAHBS in Hartford for Saturday 2/17 and will be wandering around conducting surprise welding inspections! Actually excited to see some really cool stuff and people I haven't seen in quite some time. Looking forward to it Scott
  17. I-ROBOT

    Redbones Bike Party

    Hello Gang Just found out about a bike party at Redbones BBQ restaurant in Somerville MA that is happening tonight June 6 and allegedly Chris Chance will be in attendance. I'm going to try to make it in spite of the short notice. Will post photos and whatever else afterward. Happy...
  18. I-ROBOT

    It was 20 years ago today...I think

    Hello Gang If memory serves me, it was 20 years ago today that the power company entered 18 Linden Street, opened the main power box, yanked the fuses, and then padlocked the box; thus ending the run of Fat City Cycles in Somerville, Mass. I had just finished welding a Slim Chance frame...
  19. I-ROBOT


    Hey Gang I will be 55 on 12-12-12 Was just thinking about how my ex-wife threw a surprise 30th birthday party for me and Chris and Wendyll showed up along with a bunch of the kids from the shop. My sisters hired a belly dancer to perform and she was awesome! I was completely shocked. Hard to...
  20. I-ROBOT

    Scott's World Tour 2011

    Hey Gang Just got back from a whirlwind tour of South Korea and China. Found a really cool velodrome in Changwon, Korea. It wasn't open, but I walked around it and took a couple of shots of myself outside of it. The scooter drivers in China are absolutely crazy!! no regard for traffic laws...