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    Help ID'ing Yo Eddy Paint Color

    Thanks for the info! I decided to start setting it up to be ridden for while before it eventually gets a repaint. I picked up some white cable housing to match the old white saddle I have for it. Now I just have to find some 26" white tires. 🙃
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    Reimagineered 1990 Fat Chance Yo Eddy Team

    I've set up my a wicked with drops before but had to use bar end shifters to accommodate the older 3x7 drivetain. Does yours have to be setup as an 11 speed to use with the Ultegra shifters??
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    Help ID'ing Yo Eddy Paint Color

    Hey everyone. New member here! This is my second fat chance bike and I’m excited to try my first Yo Eddy! My other one is a Wicked that I’m in love with! This new Yo is in great condition with exception to some wear on the paint and decals. It’ll eventually need a new paint job and I’m curious...