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    FAT CHANCE Titanium 1994 Large

    Having owned and ridden most of the early 90s Ti frames, Hei Hei, Marin Ti, Sandviks, Dean, Litespeeds, Merlins etc built with plain gauge Ti tubing, for comparison this uses oversize custom spec ‘hand machined’ butted tubing which is much stiffer in the BB and other areas and completely stable...
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    Rare or Cool FATs thread and pics that got lost in time…

    Post up any pics you have whether you have owned it or not. I will kick things off with this rarity. Anybody ever see this Ti SAB in the flesh or even ride it ? Was it a one off ?
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    Latest FAT Ti review.

    Whos up for a detailed spec and review of the latest Ti creation from FAT ? With lots of pictures please 😁
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    97 Ti

    Its a softer ride than my 94 Ti but sublime with the Morati Ti forks. Its like they were made for this frame. Salsa Ti seatpost, Moots Ti bars and a Ti stem finish things off with a lovely supple but rigid ride. Love this bike. Specs - Saratoga made 97 Ti frame in M/L Morati Ti forks 415mm A-C...
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    Single and Double Pass Welds Pros/Cons

    I saw this recent post by Ari Emmett of Dean Ti frame fame, mentioning ‘issues’ with First Pass welds. Just wondered what your thoughts are on this Scott B. It goes without saying im a huge First Pass weld Ti FAT frame fan and the frames seem to be bullet proof and im no lightweight rider...
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    Frame Spec Decal

    I have never seen this recent pic up decal before. Can anybody enlighten me as to when they were first used and on which models please ? :confused:
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    1985 FAT CHANCE with Box crown

    Not mine alas but this beauty deserves to be snagged by a Cog. Wish it could be mine but i just have too many bikes...
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    XS 10” FAT in Team Lavender

    Spec as follows - - Restored back to original Team Lavender colour - Conversion brazon boss for a V brake on the rear. - New v brake levers fitted specifically designed for small hands - Original XT V brake levers are also included which do ‘both’ V and canti brakes (useful option) - New...
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    Yo Eddys being built at Steve Potts facility

    Pretty cool to read this. :cool: Anybody have any more intel on this ?
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    Factory Ti BOI forks - made by ex employees ?

    Saw a comment on FB that these exist. Anybody got any pics of the forks and one fitted to a bike ?
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    3DV FAT Ti build - anybody done this ?

    I am a fan of brushed Ti frames and lots of 3DV, the original ano remix. Purple custom decals would just set it off so well. I have never seen one, maybe somebody has done this build, if so post it up please :cool::beer:
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    Fat Chance water bottle wanted or two....

    Looking for one, two or more original or repro water bottles like this one shown or other variants. Don't mind if they are used or a bit scuffed. I already bought a few of Spikes nice repro version, so not looking for more of those. Thanks for your help :beer:
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    Bullseye 32h Classic rear hub wanted

    Looking for a spare one ideally in blue or even red. 130mm or spacers for 135mm and freewheel fitting. Must be in great shape. I have rare trade bait or cash waiting. Have a cool Yule Coggers :beer::beer:
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    Harlequin Aquafade repaint anybody ?

    Anybody had a Harlequin Yo repaint ?
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    SAB MKII suspension bushings etc

    Does anybody know a current supply source for suspension spares, bearings, bushings etc for the SAB MKII ? Are the parts fairly standard dimensions ? Thanks for your expertise guys. :)
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    Cook Bros RSR 176-180mm Turquoise cranks

    Hoping the Fat community can help a brother out with a set of these. Looking for ex cond set threads and tapers all clean. Good price paid ;) Cash waiting or can also trade. Got some nice parts. Let me know what you need. PM me. :)
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    Original BOI fork or remake for large 1994 Yo - threaded or threadless

    Throwing this out there. It needs to be 1 inch steerer and suspension corrected from a 93 onwards. Don't mind if its OEM or a remake but no accident repairs or dents please. Can also swop + cash your way for a minty Manitou 4 fork with crown/steerer of your choosing with fresh elastomers to your...
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    Wicked Lite Wanted M/L or L 19-20" frame 23in TT

    Wicked Lite Wanted with a 19 1/2" frame Looking for just the frame or frame and Fat unicrown fork. Prefer European sale but il import if I have too. No rusted, dented or crashed examples please. Missed out on one on ebay recently. Seller refused to communicate and had zero feedback - some...
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    Shimano M730 XT 165mm cranks

    I know these are rare :( Cosmetics not too important but tapers and threads should be clean. Needed for a kids retro Fat build :)