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    Hey just curious

    I haven't been on the site for a while. What is the status of the new FAT CHANCE? does anyone have their bike yet from the kickstarter promises? are there photos? thanks Jim
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    Yo Eddy Large Sapphire Fade

    Fat Chance Yo Eddy 1993 Large (rare size) frame $525 Serial 5Y3L Very desirable Saphire fade. Very clean example from this time period Dry California bike, no rust, no dents, no issues - has been repainted by Cycleart Cat 1 very small chips on down tube, and chain stays, next to no chain...
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    slim pickens
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    1996 Violet Yo Eddy

    please remove please remove
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    1999 Yo Eddy Blue

    Here is one of my latest pick ups I think it's a 98/99 YO Eddy Tough to tell from the serial number on the later bikes I believe I decked it with XTR, Race Face, Thomson and the like of note the 420mm suspension corrected Igleheart fork This is not original to the ride, but it's a good...
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    When did FC switch to 1 1/8th headtubes?

    anybody know when FC switched to 1 1/8th headtubes? 98? 99? I picked up the light blue one on Ebay As luck would have it I have a 420mm suspension corrected Igleheart BOI to mate with it
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    Retrobike BOTM

    Hey Hey... Retrobike is looking for FATS for their bike of the month contest. "FATS, vs KLEIN, vs YETI" Surely, there are some stellar examples that come from this camp... personally - I am looking forward to see your entries...
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    because I am...

    I got sick of looking at the fork compatibility post. So here is my event of one... 25 miles on Large Ed in mid November. Pic is nice and blurry, will post better down the road
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    interesting video to see again I haven't seen this in a while... might be fitting since a lot of the old crew are together at the FC gathering
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    What would you do?

    I recently bought a wicked and powdercoated it Candy Apple Red....don't ask why. I just did. what color stickers would you apply? Black, Yellow, or white? the red is a bit towards the orange side in the light I have black and I have yellow in the shop, and I would have to purchase white...
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    chris the inspiration i am beginning to think the face on the Monster Fat is...
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    salsa taiwan

    anybody have any bad experience with taiwan salsa roller cam stems? I recently purchased one, on ebay. I was angry, that the seller did not disclose this... should I avoid using? It is an unusual length and angle...110cm 17 degrees-ish with a longer quill...
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    1994 Wicked Lite Singlespeed

    For your enjoyment 1994 Wicked Lite Charcoal 18 inch (virtually no miles on it) Suspension corrected, 11 7/8 BB height Kona 1 inch Fork project 2 410mm AC Ringle stem Controltech bars King Headset Race Face Grips Syncros Seatpost Selle Flite Ti saddle XT 737 brakes Paul Levers Race...
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    tired of a tin can?

    From the beginning... Here's a fun one from my collection 1981 Ritchey a picture is worth a 1000 words sold this bike back in the day, tracked down the buyer and got it back to restore 30 years later...
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    1993 Sapphire Fade YO

    Finally got around to building this bad boy up... A mix of m900 and other bits Shimano M900 drivetrain XT shifters M737 crankset (because thats what I had laying around) Ritchey WCS Tires Matrix singletrack pro rims M900 hubs Paul brakes and levers Syncros Seatpost Flite ti saddle...
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    Shot in the dark

    I have a grello frame and fork, and was wondering if there is any concoction of paint (finger nail polishes, paint markers, or testers) that people have had success touching up this color I know its a two stage thing with white and a special green, but I just want to address the little...
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    show your colors

    figured it out.
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    fork lengths

    Does anyone know what year the BOI was introduced vs the 1 1/8th blade YO eddy fork? is it 1992? I know the BOI was intro'd on the anniversary YO but was it on the regular YO too? thanks, interested in a history lesson Jim
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    Wicked, Kicker, or Team Comp?

    General question on 1987 bikes... I just picked up yet another sled on flea bay, the serial number is 87403. I am assuming it is a wicked, it was sold as a wicked, but i think it has been repainted at some point... It does not have down tube gusset, and has chain stay U brake/Rollercam brake...
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    Whoa White Wicked Bam-ba-lam

    No rest for the wicked... Here is the bike i bought from Rody with one of his forks and headsets I think this was originally MikeyNYC's on this forum a while back but... Here is my build 1990 Wicked Groovy Hoe-down fork Cane Creek Headset Ritchey force stem Answer Taperlite 2 bars Salsa...