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    brass rod for syncros seatpost top.

    One brass replacement rod. The ones that go inside the top head and attaches to the bolts. Anyone?
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    31.8 front derr. bottom pull bottom swing

    31.8 front derr. bottom pull bottom swing SORTED suntour would be extra nice.
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    Top swing front derrailleurs and cage play.

    What´s the deal w/ the play in the cage? I have two top swing shimano and both have so much play. I have to overshift (thumbies) and bring the lever back. One of those derr was used for just 3 years.... What´s up w/ these things? The bike w/ traditional bottom swing shifts smoother and more...
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    seat collar for a wicked.

    I have a wicked which is a rider and built w/ a mash up of whatever i can find. I have no space in my life for garage queens. Soooo... it has a salsa seat collar w/ a qr which is cute but the post slips. I suspect the salsa lever has not enough bite and i need something like suntour, shimano or...
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    1in threaded headset.

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    marzochi bomber atom bomb or Z2

    1 1/8 steerer. In good shape. Serviced if possible. Either a Bomber or an 80mm fox fork w/ brake studs.
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    jis x iso headset standard.

    I bought a shimano headset and found out the crown race is 27.0.. I am looking to sort out the lower half of the headset. My question is regarding the upper half: JIS is 30.0 and my wicked should be 30.2. Does anyone have experience w/ this? Would a shimano JIS headset come w/ the upper race...
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    Trouble w/ adjusting xc pro canti brakes.

    When i tighten the allen bolt to the brake studs, i stiffen everything to the point of no movement. I can´t find an exploded diagram on line but i am almost sure i have all the parts here. But... who knows? I have the same trouble on both front brakes and i i will have the same if i try the...
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    Susp corrected high quality steel fork 1 1/8 steerer.

    Vicious cycles fork 425mm A-C. i need tires as well. Want to trade and have various items to trade: wicked fork in purple, excellent very little use. Syncros post 26.4. control ahead stem 135/10 1in silver. tioga t bone stem 130mm/10. used. titec carbon 100 bar ends. I need a susp...
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    Marzocchi bomber z2 w/ 1 1/8 steerer

    or bomber rebuild kit.
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    wicked lite 93 redux:

    I had been riding only my road bike but took the wicked out for a walk in the park. What a nice bike.
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    Specs for the titanium Fat City handlebar. Anyone?

    I would like the original but i will ride it so I don't care if it's a nice repro done in a US shop. I am looking for width and bend angle.. I am guessing 24" and maybe 8º? Thanks
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    max size rear tire on a wicked?

    I read some guys here using 2.2 but unless it has really small knobs like a Nano i can't figure how you could fit a 2.2 tire back there. Btw... is there a 26in rim brake i can set tubeless without hastle? I had enough of replacing tubes all the time.
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    Got the wicked back into shape..

    This bike has such an unbelievable balance..
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    Bontrager race frame, medium.

    :) Please.
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    will a 2.2 conti race king fit the wicked cstays?

    Don't have the bike here to try.. knobs are small so i am inclined to believe it fits. btw.. any experience w/ those tires? i go everywhere on the wicked so the choice of short knobs.
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    Original seat collar for wicked lite.

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    Anyone tried a drop bar on a wicked?

    My wicked fits me perfect but it's rigid and dirt drops are much better on my hands and arms for absorbing impact. The bike is on the small side of the fit scale and i am afraid the drops may shorten even more the reach.. i have a nitto drop stem w/ 10cm extension.. any experiences?
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    ibis ti h bar...

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    Boston catholics

    The Pope is in Rio de Janeiro! Yesterday i was riding my Wicked through the city and went by a group of young peregrines.. as i passed by the last of the group, i read "Boston Catholics" on the back of their raincoats... I hit the brakes and thought "here i am riding this new england little...