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    New Yo

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    57cm Chris Chance road frame and fork

    (Moved to eBay) I bought this with the intentions of building it while I was recuperating from my summer hip replacement. That didn’t happen and I’ve not had time to do anything with it. I did order approximately...
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    Rescued an 80’s Fat Chance

    I’m not sure what I am going to do with it, but I couldn’t leave it neglected in a warehouse. It has a Specialized stem on it. Deerhead RD. All I’ve done so far is clean it gently.
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    Now the spam members are sending obscene PM’s

    Gafyn795 just sent me a sexual message on this site. I also see that the spam threads have spam replies bumping them.
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    Large Fat on Orange County CA Craigslist I wonder if the white paint is covering up rust. Does appear to have Cook cranks.
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    Were XL Fat frames made in small quantities?

    I can find 18” frames for sale all over the internet and even saw a couple locally. But finding one for someone with a 34” cycling inseam appears much more of a challenge. Does anyone know if the basketball player sized frames were made in far smaller quantities than the mediums?
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    CRC is selling new Marzocchi Z4 26” V brake 9mmQR forks$ja=tsid:54495%7Ccgn:awin%7Ckw:78888&awc=5623_1626963888_cdee0b648491009723f0a985fb57843b&utm_source=affiliate-window&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_campaign=...
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    WTB XL (22+ seat tube) vintage frame. Shock A Billy, Yo, Etc.

    I’d consider any model. MTB, cross, road. Concerned with function and size more than pristine paint. This will be something I plan to build up and actually ride so more than superficial rust is a disqualified. The wackier the paint the better. I’m a new member on this site but have been...