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  1. rthomer

    Aqua fade Wicked Lite

    Thanks for all the comments! I think you're right about the chain stays and seat stays on Wicked Lites, I believe they have a smaller diameter. Wicked Lites were designed to be more forgiving and with a slightly a longer wheelbase than the YO's. The one I had rode like it was on a rail, and...
  2. rthomer

    WTB: 26.4 mtb seatpost for a 91' monster fat

    I've seen Sakae TCO's (tall cool one) around in 26.4, pretty common on Fat builds, particularly Monster's. Occasionally Suntour XC Pro's in 26.4 pop up on EBay, thats a nice post. If you don't mind using a seat post shim, you could go with a 25.4mm post and step up to a 26.4. I did that with a...
  3. rthomer

    Aqua fade Wicked Lite

    Thanks! Good eye on the top tube, I thought there was something else odd about the tube size. Here's some measurements: Top Tube = 1-1/4" diameter Down Tube = 1-3/8" diameter Seat Post = 29.4mm Seat Tube C to C = 17" Seat Tube C of BB to Top of TT = 17-1/2" Effective TT = 22 - 1/8" +/-...
  4. rthomer

    Aqua fade Wicked Lite

    I now own the bike, bought it from the original poster as a complete bike with full XTR M900 and a Mag 21. There's a few odd details about it, like the 29.4 seat post which isn't to Wicked Lite spec. The serial # is CC 17 1051. And I believe the 17 is the size, center of bottom bracket to...
  5. rthomer

    Fat Chance Monster Fat 1992

    Fantastic build! An everyday rider, my kind of bike.
  6. rthomer

    Wicked Lite

    I'm looking for a Somerville built (preferably) Wicked Lite in Aquamarine, size 18", frame and fork. I have a Saratoga built Wicked Lite in Metallica Green in excellent condition, size 19", frame and fork that I may trade. I love my Wicked but a size smaller would be ideal. A shot in the...
  7. rthomer

    Fun "Fat" article found on Ibis site

    Ibis is celebrating its 30th year with 30 years, 30 days, 30 stories, here's one about Fat City:
  8. rthomer

    Yo Fork Question

    A couple of years ago I purchased a very nice and pristine Yo Eddy fork with a 1" threaded steerer and planned on putting it on my '91 Monster in a future restore. The other day I ran across Rody's thread that described the different forks and he said suspension corrected BOI forks should be...
  9. rthomer

    WTB Sppedmaster Brakes...Help!

    I purchased these on Ebay a few months back, received a bag of parts. For the life of me I can't find any pics of this particular model of WTB brakes. I think they are a later model, I've seen the ones with a linear spring that is positioned on the front. These appear to be completely different...
  10. rthomer

    Ringle Stem

    Does anyone have experiences with Ringle Stems as far as reliability or failures? The single bolt on the steerer tube clamp concerns me. I'm worried about over tightening it and snapping something or under tightening it and having it move. Does anyone know the correct torque? It's a cool...
  11. rthomer

    Just picked up on Ebay

    I had to....just love the color. Been looking for a nice fresh one for a while. Maybe paid a premium, but it's so cool. Can anyone help with the year? The seller didn't seem to know, I think its a 94 or 95 since its a New York made Wicked. Serial # ML 1960. Thanks. Can't wait to get it! :cool:
  12. rthomer

    How much would you pay for a Yo?

    I'm beginning the hunt for Yo frame and fork or a complete bike. Ideally I'd like to find a nice pristine frame and fork or complete bike that needs some work or parts swap. I don't want to strike at the first one I see, and have already passed on a few, but I'm curious what the going rate...
  13. rthomer

    Yo Eddy On Ebay

    Here's a link to a Yo Eddy for sale on Ebay. Curious if anyone has seen it, it's not listed as a "Fat Chance", but as a "Fat City"....easy to miss if searching. The seller has no history and hasn't...
  14. rthomer

    Rigid fork question for Monster

    Hi all, I have a 91 Monster and I'm looking for a rigid fork. I'm looking for a Yo type, not the original tange strut and I know my Monster wasn't designed for suspension. The questions are: 1. Can a Yo fork work on Monster, is the length and rake the same for non suspension Fat frames? 2...
  15. rthomer

    Wanted: Chris Chance Cross Frame/Fork

    After seeing an old post for a Chris Chance X frame and fork for sale, I am now searching for one. New or used is OK, frame with correct fork, Medium or 55cm. Thanks, Robert
  16. rthomer

    Looking for a 1" Yo Fork

    Looking for a Yo Eddy fork, 1" threadless preferably, but may consider threaded. Thanks ,Robert
  17. rthomer

    Wanted to Buy...Yo Fork

    I'm lookin g for a Yo Eddy Fork for my 91 Monster Restore....Anybody looking to sell? Thanks, Robert
  18. rthomer

    Cambria Bike Outfitters, MTB history

    Many may remember Cambria Bike Outfitters as an early mailorder company, they still exist but it was different in the early 90's. They sold Fats, among other great bikes. I pass thru Cambria on ocassion, beautiful town, the original building still sits and is for sale. The building is covered...
  19. rthomer

    Monster FAT, as is, ready for a restore

    My Monster FAT, I'm ready to restore This is my 91 Monster FAT, 240M1M ,it was originally pink, I had it powder coated a chameleon purple (which I regret). I have since found original decals and intend on stripping it down soon, find a rigid fork, and have Joe Bell re-paint it a cool 2 tone...
  20. rthomer

    '89 Yo Eddy on Craigslist in No Cal

    It says 17", turned into a single speed with rigid....too small for me. $700 asking.