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  1. yo-Nate-y

    Tange Struts going quite high on eBay

    Never seen a set of Tange Struts go this high, esp in this condition, though the color is nice....
  2. yo-Nate-y

    1984 Fat Chance

    I popped this up on Retrobike, but just so it is local, here's my '84. Thanks to Mikey for the tip on it -- made it to Arizona all the way from Maine sometime in late 2013. I took it for a spin this afternoon and snapped some shots. Enjoy! "Chromemoly"
  3. yo-Nate-y

    NOS 29.4 Campy posts on eBay with BIN Not bad. Probably not light, but pretty purty.
  4. yo-Nate-y

    parts for sale--Taperlite-Raceface-XC Pro

    I am happy to offer gift for gift. Please note your interest here then send me a PM and I will give you PayPal info. All prices for small parts INCLUDE shipping in the US unless noted. For elsewhere abroad, please add US $10 to the prices below unless a UK/Euro price is specified already. Prices...
  5. yo-Nate-y

    nice Wicked with awesome paint on eBay $1,000 BIN. Perhaps a tad high but when are you going to find a complete Wicked in what looks like pretty nice shape with custom paint. I totally dig it.
  6. yo-Nate-y

    Yo for sale on Ebay

    I laughed when I saw the price one that one. Aside from the beat frame that stem/fork combo is a doozy.
  7. yo-Nate-y

    gettin' the Yo back into shape

    This should help me stay diligent in rebuilding my 1991 Yo Eddy, owned since new :) Some bits: Salsa roller stem No logo CK headset Fluoro Taperlite Onza chromo ski bends IRD post (shimmed from 27.2) black perf turbo XC Pro front mech XT rear mech silver XT m730s and silver Moon Units silver...
  8. yo-Nate-y

    Very excited to be adding this to the stable...

    More to come (once I have it in my greasy hands):
  9. yo-Nate-y

    Yo vs BOI

    Just to add to the continuing saga of information: Here is a pic of my 1993 Yo Eddy in yellow, and a 1994 BOI for comparison. The length (sus correction) is the same, but the leg diameter difference is pretty clear here. The '94 fork has Campy dropouts too.
  10. yo-Nate-y

    1998 WTB Phoenix (repost from VRC and RBUK)

    Repost from MTBR and RBUK...on the odd, off chance that any of my fellow Cogs are only here. ==================================================== I'd been drooling over these for some time now thanks to you lot. And I am happy to report that I found one thanks to the glory of internet...
  11. yo-Nate-y

    1991 Monster redux

    Here's the next round of Monster from me. Got it bone stock, and couldn't leave it alone. Yet to do cables and chain, but you get the idea. As it started (though with a different Turbo as I was reglueing the Gel Turbo) And the lightly retro-modded current state of the beast. Frame...
  12. yo-Nate-y

    Petaluma built Salsa Ala Carte and 1988 Fisher Mt Tam

    These are mine. I am gearing up to move to California, so I need to thin the herd. You all will be the first to know if I decide to slice off any Fats. In the meantime though, here is a really nice Salsa Ala Carte and a fillet brazed Mt Tam. Both are phenomenal riders. Smooth, balanced...
  13. yo-Nate-y

    1981 Chris Chance Criterium

    Just in case there is anyone here who doesn't follow MTBR's VRC forum ( or, here is my finally completed Chance. Enjoy! [and I quote] Just...
  14. yo-Nate-y

    early 1990s Wicked rake/length

    Heya! Hurtling toward my snowy home is an early 90s Wicked. My firdt one--I am stoked! I am not sure exactly what year it is, but I assume by the spec '91ish. I have a couple questions for you guys: Any date-by-decals experts? The bike currently has some blown Manitou I's but I am going to...
  15. yo-Nate-y

    new project--1981 Chris Chance

    There's a thread over at MTBR VRC with more of the story, but for the meantime here are a few pics to share with the Fat Cogs who don't frequent those parts. Two Qs: Any idea how many frames Chris made from '77-'81 before Fat City? Any idea where he earned his world champion stripes? The parts...
  16. yo-Nate-y

    1991 Monster mid-drop bar build

    A few updates! Rody's Ho is DOWN! Chris' King is ON! And I've got a mess of spacers and a hi-rise Salsa to fill in while I wait for a custom stem from Winter Cycles for a drop bar set up. Some of you may have seen these on MTBR, but for the sake of Fat posterity, I thought I'd add them to the...
  17. yo-Nate-y

    1997 ML Yo Eddy with Harlequin paint This one is mine. There are more pics coming!
  18. yo-Nate-y

    anyone here get the Monster?

    I was watching it :) Sweet bike and lots of nice extras!
  19. yo-Nate-y

    suitable fork non-sus corrected Yo's and Monsters etc I rode one for on my '91. Great forks, and cheap!
  20. yo-Nate-y

    nice Team Fat Chance jersey going cheap+soon!