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    1988 Wicked Fat Chance with Mavic build

    20190525_144712 by shamalama88, on Flickr 20190525_125230 by shamalama88, on Flickr 20190525_125240 by shamalama88, on Flickr 20190525_190440 by shamalama88, on Flickr Untitled by shamalama88, on Flickr
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    Looking for a 26.4mm Mavic Mtn seatpost

    I have all the Mavic Mtn parts for a killer 1989 Wicked FC build, except for the seatpost! Is anybody holding one for me?... I have much trade booty to help loosen your grip. Thanks!!
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    What size is my Wicked?

    Hello Fatsos, I recently traded for a really nice black Wicked frame w yellow decals and a yellow unicrown fork. I was told it was 19.5" frame, but I'm not 100% convinced. The seat tube measures 19" c2c, and 20.5" center to top. I can't tell the serial number without drilling out the riveted...
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    Trade: my 1 1/8" 410 a2c M Flanigan segmented fork for your 1" Yo/BOI

    Just floating this out there. I recently bought these Mike Flanigan made forks, and am wondering if anyone would be interested in a trade? They are 1 1/8" steerer, suspension corrected with an axle to crown length of 410mm, and a 220mm steerer (904 grams). I am in need of a nice rigid 1"...
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    Specialized Ground Control 'S' pair

    Hard to find, but I really need a pair to restore my 1989 Fat Chance Team Comp to its original glory. I have lots of great trade possibilities, doesn't hurt to ask... Thanks for considering!