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    Yo Eddy 2.1 Deraileur hanger

    FYI for posterity sake The kickstarter and first prod batch of 2.1's B4035: 1-1/2" Round / Flat Mount Dropouts, Hanger, Shimano 12 mm Update...
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    Wanted: 16" yo

    Looking for a 16" yo (preferable, or wicked or bro) frame for a reasonable $.
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    1" headset threadless

    have a budget build going on yo eddy. Need: 1" aheadset square taper crank handlebar 25.4 22-23" or close
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    New Yo

    ~3 weeks from 22 years apart Little did i know of the cult i entered back in 94 lol Now to build...
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    mavic 231

    Anyone have a good or NOS mavic 231 32H... Thanks
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    Ringle Rear hub turquoise

    I'm looking for a ringle bubba/super bubba rear hub in Turquoise/blue. 7 or 8 speed.
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    nother YO

    I broke a few alum frames and decided I needed a quality steel bike. I can still remember being in awe while on my first ride on my YO. The handling of the bike was like none i've ever experienced. I can still remember vividly some 14+ years later, that first ride. The bike has morphed somewhat...