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    94 Ti

    I've had this for a few years and thought it was about time I shared it with you guys. It's a UK supplied, 2 owner from new bike. I have tried to keep a sensible mix of original period parts and upgrades that ensure I can ride it whenever the fancy takes.
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    My Fat Family

    Here's a shot that I took last year of my Fats. I now also have the red prototype Shock a Billy added to the family. All of my bikes are still in their original paint and are all ridden regularly off road during the summer months.
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    Prototype Shock a Billy

    Back in April of last year there was an advert on the bay for this frame along with some other Fat Chance parts. It turned out that Wendyll was having a tidy up and long story short, I ended up being successful. I went over to the 30th anniversary party and collected the frame from Wendyll and...