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    Chris Chance

    Hi all, This has been sitting on my local Craigslist for a while. It is on the expensive side, and is not mine, and I don't know the seller. (Frankly I sold my Slim with Dura Ace for about 1/2 what this person is asking). Still, if you need some local assistance from a fat cogger, feel...
  2. J

    New Park BB tool?

    Hi all, I just spotted this new press-fit BB tool on the Park Tool website. Will it work for our bottom brackets? What do you all think? :)
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    Hook a Fat Cogger up with some BB Bearings?

    Hi all, I'm resurrecting a rusty old Wicked, and would like good bearings - does anyone have a set to spare? I'm not sure about the ones on Ebay. :skull: Many thanks. -Raj
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    Vintage factory instructions for press-fit bottom brackets

    Hi all, Here's something I have been meaning to share. I got this sheet from the shop that I ordered my Wicked from in 1989. Hope they are of some use to all of us who have these BB's. Best, -Raj
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    About to get medieval on this bottom bracket

    Hi all, I've been gingerly poking around my spindle of what I expect is a somewhat rusty Wicked press-fit BB. I can't get the spindle to budge with normal effort (which involved some soft headed hammer taps, and wood blocks and a vise). So, I've spent a day dripping oil down the spindle in...
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    Seat you Kalloy?

    I'm working on a Wicked project. This one won't be pretty, so I'm going with low bling parts. I know that one if the hard bits to find is the 26.4 seat post- esp a nice long one. In order to get riding, I am faced with the eBay option of the ubiquitous Kalloy or Uno or Orbit posts, until I can...
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    When did the head tube gussets happen?

    Hi all, I just bought a project Wicked (#05938) - plain jane black with yellow stickers. I believe it's an '88. One of the differences between it and the one that I bought new in '89 is the lack of a head tube gusset. Was 88-89 the transitional year? Other interesting oddity about this...
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    Slim Chance - Cosmic Fade

    SOLD!!! OK, this has been up for a while - and I really would rather not have to sell this bike on Ebay. Offering it up at $1200 plus shipping. International OK, but risk sits with you once I've shipped (glad to help if there's an issue, of course, but with customs and all, it eventually gets...
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    Latest plan for my Wicked

    Hi all, I've been flip-flopping about what to do with my '87 Wicked for a while now. The drivetrain was pretty much shot (I bought it new, and rode all through college and grad school on it). It's mostly original, although I bent the fork, put some abysmal (in today's standards) gen 1...
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    Flexy TI seatstays?

    Hi all, I noticed that my TI Fat ("new" style frame) seatstays flex visibly with the application of the XTR V-brakes. There's a marked difference in the feel of the levers front vs. back. I have yet to test it out, but I just found a vintage Gorilla booster on Ebay and installed last...
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    Heretic - opinions?

    Hi all, I've been a FAT rider since the late '80's. In college, my first real mtn bike was a Wicked Fat Chance. I rode and raced that through the mid-90's and after my first real job, I bought a Ti Fat. The Ti remains my main mountainbike - rigid, with mostly original parts. The Wicked is...
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    Wanted - a set of Rody's collars

    Hi all, I'm sure that someone here is sitting on a little stash of these bad boys. I would be most grateful if a member would be so kind as to sell me a set. I'm willing to pay an (un)fair price, and will also compensate the winner with some vintage Fat City Cycles schwag.... Please help...
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    Wanted: mavic oxygen m2 rims...

    Long shot, I guess, but worth a try? Would love to find NOS, but good condition rims OK. Thanks!- -raj
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    Wicked with a segmented fork?

    Hi Cogs, My first and favorite Fat is my rusty, trusty Wicked that I bought my total (paltry) savings back in college in '87. My dad had to kick in the last few hundred bucks! Anyhow, along the way, I bent the original fork during a downhill race (yep, no suspension), and replaced with a...
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    Ti Fat - What to do?

    My first was a Wicked that I bought when I was about 17 years old, and rode all the way through the end of my graduate studies in 1994. After I got my first real job, I thought I deserved a new ride, so I bought a TI. It's a sweet bike, don't get me wrong, but I was never as confident on it as...
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    Fat True Temper bars

    Hi all, Is there anyone here who can spare a set of Fat Chance True Temper handlebars in good condition? Any sweep! fee free to email me: rajiva (at) Thanks, -Raj
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    Should I change my Wicked?

    Hi all, I have a 1987 Wicked Fat Chance...and I'm the original owner. It came with XT, an old Specialized saddle, Mavic Oxygen hoops and a lovely custom silver to metallic blue fade. It's my old warhorse - I won 3d place in a downhill race (riding rigid), and rode the 24 Hours of Canaan on it...
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    Augh! Handlebar died...

    I was just downstairs changing the worn out handlebar grips on my mid-80's vintage Wicked, and when reinstalling the old school Syncros steerhorns (expander bolt version) I (SNAP) cracked the handlebar! There's a 1-inch crack going down the length of the bar from the end. This is an old steel...
  19. J

    Can you iD this frame?

    Hi all! I've got a real obsession going on with this buildup I found on the 'net. Can anyone positively ID this cruiser frame? It's a real beauty, IMO. The way the seatstays don't hit the top tube is unlike most of the Schwinn cruisers I've seen. Any help would be most appreciated...
  20. J

    Merlin Newsboy - OMG

    Check out the final Ebay price for this basically bare frame! Guess I'll stick to FATS! -Raj