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    Seat Collar

    Hi All I'm looking for seat collar for a 93 Fat chance titanium. I think theyre the same as Yo eddy seat collars, is that right? Either way, ideally i'm looking for a black one. Anyone have a spare? Thanks Tom
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    Yo Eddy Frame and Forks.

    Hi. yes im still looking. I'll pm you.
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    Yo Eddy Frame and Forks.

    Hi All Looking for a Yo Eddy frame and forks. M or M/L. Ideally Grello or Aquafade bit open to other colours. Decent condition, and 94 or earlier. Thanks T
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    Fat Chance team jersey & Yo eddy frame For Sale

    Interested in the frame. Does it come with a fork or is it just frame on its own?
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    Litespeed Titanium Handlebar for sale

    How much? And how much to ship to the uk? Thanks Tom
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    The Last Yo Eddy? For sale or trade.

    FOR SALE OR TRADE The Last Yo Eddy? I’ve managed to track down the original buyer here on Fatcogs, of this frame who bought it directly from the factory. There was this one and a yellow one with disc and cantilever mounts. The buyer later tracked down the yellow one and it has a lower serial...
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    Late / last Yo Eddy help

    Info/help needed. Just acquired a gorgeous late Yo Eddy frame. Serial number YO L 2554. On mombat this is the last serial number listed. The story goes that the original owner was a pal of Chris chance and had various custom bikes off him. When he bought this he was given the choice of this...
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    Fat Ti info

    Hi All I've recently secured a 94 Fat Ti with original BOI, awaiting delivery. In the meantime im looking for more info. I've heard 94 with the sleeveless BB welds are the ones to go for. Is this true. Why are Fat Ti's so revered (beyond being just bloody nice) Thanks, any guidance or info...
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    M/L Yo Eddy or Fat Ti with BOI

    Hi all The title says it all. I'm looking for a Yo Eddy or even better a Fat Ti M/L frame/forks or whole bike. Ideally with a BOI but will look at other options too Thanks T
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    M/L Yo Eddy

    Hi All I'm looking for a M/L Yo Eddy if anyone has one for sale. I'm happy to look at frame/forks or whole bike. It must have an original Fat Chance fork please. condition not too important, im happy to get it repainted, but ideally i won't have to. Thanks Tom