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    1993 Harlequin Anodized Moots Titanium YBB Soft Tail MTB Frame Stem & Seatpost

    SOLD Let me start off by saying that I have no idea what this thing is worth, and after hours of searching, I can't find any like it online (including retrobike). I'm asking $2000 for everything (including shipping to the continental United States), but if you'd like to make me an offer, please...
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    Fillet Brazed Goodness

    I've been building frames for friends and acquaintances for about two years now, and I thought this would be a good place to show off some of my work. That being said, these aren't retro and don't quite fit on this site, but as fellow Fat Coggers, I thought you all might enjoy the old school...
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    Wicked, Segmented Forks, Cooks, Roller Stem...!!!

    I bought an 89' Wicked a few days ago on a whim from a guy on Craigslist, and am just realizing that with an upcoming move I really can't afford a new project (we've all been there) so I'm parting it out to you fine folk. First is the frame itself. It's an 89' Wicked that I purchased from the...
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    New Fat Chance Bicycles Jersey and Shirt

    I donated $250 to the kickstarter campaign a while back and just received the items in the mail. The new jerseys are AWESOME, but unfortunately it's a tad small for me. So here it is up for grabs. I'm also parting with one of the shirts they sent me because I'm not too fond of the design, and I...
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    Parts For Sale

    Hey dudes, I've got a few nice items to sell and thought you'd want first dibs before they go up on ebay. All prices include shipping to the States. XTR ST-M950: 8-speed units, very good condition with no scratches or cracks anywhere $85 SOLD Selle Italia Flite Titanium Saddle: blue color...
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    Bro Eddy

    I've been curious about these for a while and haven't found too much info on them, but what exactly is the point of the Bro Eddy, and where do they fit in Fat hierarchy? Were they a more economic version of the Yo (same geometry, cheaper price)?
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    american made shifters

    So I'm going for an all American build for my Yo, and I'm having trouble with deciding on shifters. I really like Shimano trigger shifters and sti units (I've used XTR-950's with great success for a long time) and I absoutely can't stand twist/grip shifters. And the issue is that I don't think...
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    "Tears of a Crown" fork?

    I was looking through some old FCC catalogs and magazine writeups on Retrobike and came across something I hadn't heard of before: the upcoming "Tears of a Crown" fork model with ovalized tubing at the crown. Does anybody know anything about this fork and if they were ever actually made...
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    Titanium seatpost head seperation... help

    So after searching for a year, I finally found an Ultimate Machine Co titanium seatpost. Unfortunately the aluminum head was loose and came off of the ti shaft. I would imagine that this is something that can happen with any ti post... but I really have no idea. If anyone else has had this...
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    Machine in the FCC Tour Video

    Does anybody know what that machine is called that Chris uses to spin the chainstay in the Fat City Cycles Tour video? It comes up at about 36 seconds, and it sounds like he calls it a "doming machine," but I've never heard that term before.
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    Calvin and Hobbs Fat?

    The seller claims that the paint job is factory... does anybody know anything about this?
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    Stay Tuff Chain Stay Protector repro

    As far as I can tel, there'sl a lot of people around would like a set or two of these, but for some reason nobody (that I know of) has made any. Velocals has a few different designs for chainstay protectors with various logos i.e. campagnolo, shimano...etc. So I was thinking about asking them to...
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    3DV Ringleish ti skewers

    I bought these as NOS from a guy on Retrobike a few months ago, and have not mounted or ridden on them. They look like Ringle Holy Ti road skewers, but they're sized for mtb... so they must be some sort of knock off. Either way, they're super light and way cool looking, and there's not a mark on...
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    Vanguard Lizard Series cantilever brakes

    Found a set of these on Ebay and was wondering if anybody knew anything about them. They look a lot like Tri-Aligns or onza HO's, which both work pretty well, but I know a bunch of 90's cnc stuff was prone to cracking... plus $150 seems a bit high of a price for these. I've been looking for a...
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    Bullseye/Matrix front wheel

    This sweet wheel spins like glass and is true as anything. It's a black Bullseye 36 spoke hub attached to a Matrix MT. Titan rim. $80 gets it to your door step.
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    XTR M900 derailleur, Chris King, Machine Tech

    I have a few other items for sale, so PM me if your interested. All prices include shipping. -XTR FD-M900 front derailleur with a 28.6 clamp $35 (I would also trade this derailleur for a similar one with a 31.8 clamp) SOLD -Chris King 1" 2Nut headset in pewter $85 SOLD -Machine Tech Zero...
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    purple bars and anti chain suck, lx derailleurs,

    purple Salsa bars and anti chain suck, LX derailleurs Here's a couple of items that I'm parting with, and all prices include shipping: -1999(?) Salsa Moto Ace riser bars in a custom purple anodized finish and a solid 66.5cm span $40 -NIB Tektro purple anodized anti chain suck device $15...
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    which is the superior suspension fork?

    I've been using a Marzocchi Atom 80 fork on my Yo for the past few years, and I love it. There's not much info on that model around the web, and like most other old Marzocchi forks, it is almost impossible to get a rebuild kit for; which is a problem because mine isn't rebounding like it used...
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    Thinking about selling my BOI fork...

    Unfortunately for me, the steerer tube is a tad to short at 2" (I need about 7 more inches). So my loss is your gain, and this bad boi is priced to sell at $1900. If I can't sell it on here, I'll probably throw it up on the bay and see if I can retire on the profits ;) Thanks for the...
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    Paint color codes?

    Does anybody know the correct paint color codes (and preferred brand for that matter) for the sapphire fade scheme? I'm planning on spraying my suspension fork to match my frame, and it would be nice to match the original colors as closely as possible.