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    Fat catalogues

    Any good for £80 posted UK ?
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    Xs yo Betty/Bro

    Frame or frame & forks please
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    Anyone in Seattle?

    I’m a bit desperate in a search for a member in Seattle that can pick up & ship to the UK !
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    Seattle pick up please ?

    Hi I’m looking for someone to pick up & ship a bike to the UK Thanks for looking Tony
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    WTB: IRD seatpost 26.4

    As above please
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    Serial # help

    Hi can anyone give me any info on the below wicked serial # I.e. Year,model or whatever else it tells us? Cheers TC
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    89 Blood wicked

    So I bought the f&f off retrodude after searching for the perfect one for ages Then the parts hunt began for all my faves from back in the day IRD post Toplines American Classic skewers Fat city bar Salsa roller stem M730 Running 8spd at the mo...
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    Mountain goat

    Any model considered must be 19" Cheers
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    What fat?

    I've just acquired a fat with 2 bottle cage mounts on the down tube & all suntour xc pro Can anyone shed light on it? I'll post pics when it arrives
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    Richmond, California HELP

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    Non tear drop forks

    I have a set of forks that don't have the tear drop reinforcements on the back has anyone heard of these?
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    18" monster,wicked,buckshaver

    18"/Medium monster,buckshaver As above in any condition cheers Tony
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    Are these options one in the same or different entities? And any pics of the differences? T
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    M/L YO frame set

    As above not bothered too much About condition Tc
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    Swap Klein for Yo

    As above anybody interested in swapping their m/L yo f&f for my klein attitude mc1 fuselage Tc
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    Monster wanted

    In medium 18" anything considered WYG? Tc
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    Yo for resto

    Monster or Yo for resto Hi I'm after a yo or a monster f&f for resto in M or will consider anything! What you got? Tc
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    M/L yo

    Aquafade Frame & forks in medium large ! Tc
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    Fat chance

    After anything fat chance in 18/19" to exchange for my 18" 1997 xtr950'd Zaskar LE? TC