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    Brake for Kicker - Under Chainstay

    Suntour made roller cam brakes as well and they are much less expensive than the WTB version. There are two versions of the Suntour brake, one uses linear springs like WTB and the other uses coil springs (multiple models use this design). The linear spring version is more expensive and...
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    Titanium Serial # help

    Later frames did not have a cantilever hanger in the rear.
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    Wicket Fat Chance Mountain Bike - Deore XT

    I love the paint on this bike. If I didn't already own a Wicked in this size, I'd be buying this one. :)
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    Latest FAT Ti review.

    What's the story on the TI frames? Are they going to be produced? I've been looking at Ti hardtails for a few months and woudl love to see what Chris has to offer. Currently I've not seen a production frame that checks all of my boxes and the only option that I really see is custom. Lynskey...
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    Chris Cross

    I see a new version of the Chris Cross is listed on the Fat Chance website. It says the introduction will be early next year. Has any one heard any details about the model?
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    Ride reports?

    So has anyone put any miles on the new frames? How do they ride?
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    new Fat Chance jerseys

    I ordered one one of the new "reverse" Yo Eddy jerseys from the new Fat Chance. I ordered an "XL" and it's a little large for me. Any of you happen to have a "L" and find it a bit tight? Want to trade? :) Mine has been tried on, but not worn or washed. Still has the tags on it.
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    1993 Fat City Titanium - M/L

    I have a complete '93 Fat Ti for sale. It comes with a BOI fork, full Shimano XTR m900 drive train, Dia Compe 986 brakes, Ritchey Logic cranks, Ti White Bros. riser bar, Syncros Ti seat post, Phil Wood BB, Ritchey headset, and Mavic 231 rims. Serial number is 268T3ML. I'm asking $2200 (about...
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    yet another Ti Fat

    Here's a few pics of my '93 Titanium Fat in size M/L.. I picked the frame up on eBay in late winter and built it up to race at Keyesville. Highlights are the Big One Inch fork, Syncros Ti seat post, White Brothers Ti riser bar, and m900 XTR components. The early Ti frames all came with the...
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    Ti Fat question

    This image is taken from a current eBay auction. Is this weld under the down tube (on the sleeved section) normal?
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    Fat on eBay - which fork?

    There's a straight blade unicorwn fork on an eBay auction bike. Anyone recognize it? I e-mailed the seller to see if it was a Fat fork.
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    '87 Fat Chance

    Here's a few of pics of my '87 Fat Chance - frame number 87501. It's a 21" frame built with Shimano XT components.
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    Who welded the NY Fats?

    When Fat moved to NY, were the guys that welded the frame the same guys that welded Serrota frames? or were there employees hired specicically for Fat frames? Who were they and how'd they get up to speed so fast?
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    '93 Yo!

    I finally took pics of my Yo! Eddy.
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    '93 Yo! Fork

    Would a '93 Yo! Eddy frame be suspension corrected or not? It feels like the head tube angle is slacker than I'd have expected on my Yo. I measured the fork to crown on the Yo! Eddy fork that is on it and it's right at 41cm, which would seem to me is suspension corrected. Is a '93 frame built...
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    Yo Eddy fork vs. Big One Inch

    The '94 catalog says that the Big One Inch fork saves a 1/4 pound over the stock Yo Eddy fork. What's the difference between the two?
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    10th Anniversary Geometry

    Did the 10th Anniversary frames share the geometry with the Wicked or the "Yo!"? First Flight lists it as being made of OX-III tubing, but does not give frame angles, and I don't see the bike listed in the '92 catalog. My assumption is that it's a lighter version of the "Yo!." Am I correct...