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  1. mainlyfats

    Chevy Chase 1988 Team Comp 21”

    Great bike! And owned by Fletch!
  2. mainlyfats

    Brake for Kicker - Under Chainstay

    Shimano U brakes are fantastic with great feel and very easy adjustment. You might need to remove it and clean the posts with sanding cloth, then re-install. Most Suntour versions are a little more finicky to adjust and, for some reason I don’t understand, usually more expensive. The WTB...
  3. mainlyfats

    Looking for a Santana Moda 21"

    Bumping because hell yeah. Santana Moda is a gorgeous bike.
  4. mainlyfats

    Radio silence

    Anyone know what’s up with Fat Chance 2.0? Social media has been very quiet and the website looks like it hasn’t been touched in ages... :confused:
  5. mainlyfats

    Paul front derailleur?

    Anyone have a Paul front derailleur they would part with?
  6. mainlyfats

    Fat related pick up

    Witcomb Musette by mhandsco, on Flickr"]Witcomb Musette by mhandsco, on Flickr[/URL] Scored an amazing *nos* Witcomb musette from Ken at the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel last week. He’s holding on to a couple of nice Fats. Highly recommend the trip down if you find yourself near Tucson.
  7. mainlyfats

    Alright, who scored it?

    Who picked up that investment-grade 56cm Slim with Mavic gruppo?
  8. mainlyfats

    Roox FPS

    Anyone have one of these they want to move? Roox FPS for a buddy.
  9. mainlyfats

    SyCip 29er SS

    Another in my Retro, not really vintage collection. It came up for sale (different config.) at the time when I was thinking about maybe getting one of the new Fats or one of the last IF Yo! clones and it struck me that this really was the bike I was hoping Chris would make. SS, 29er...
  10. mainlyfats

    1990 Fat Chance Team Comp

    Restored and full NOS. Paint by Velocolour. Bike is in Canada - Winnipeg R3C 1K6 for shipping calculations. Probably the nicest 21' unicrown bike to come to market in forever and built with love by a long-time Fatcog. $2000 USD SOLD
  11. mainlyfats

    Black Paul Motolite

    Or Motolite BMX. Used is fine, beat-up is not. PM me with what you got. Thanks!
  12. mainlyfats

    Hunter Cruiser

    This is a bike I keep in Arizona to bomb around on when I'm visiting my in-laws. Originally built by Rick as what he called a flat-tracker, it's been through a couple of incarnations with cruiser handlebars. I've always called it my big kid BMX bike. This year I got it into my head that it...
  13. mainlyfats

    Thomson stem 25.4 1 1/8 140mm 15 degree

    Black or silver. Let me know if you've got one kicking around. Thanks
  14. mainlyfats

    ISO cranks

    Given the Campy sponsorship, was there an ISO spindle back in the day?
  15. mainlyfats


    Anybody need one of these? 22.5 inches remain. Nice used shape. $40 + shipping
  16. mainlyfats

    Restored 1990 Team Comp 21

    Nope ...don't think so
  17. mainlyfats

    1 1/8th Rigid Fork

    Around 410mm suspension corrected. Threadless. Brake posts. Don't need a ton of steerer. Prefer New England built, but open to suggestions. Thanks!
  18. mainlyfats

    1989 Team Comp

    1990 Team Comp Bought it a year and a half ago thinking that it would be great to have an unmolested, pretty original bike in my size - XL Fats don't come up often - to take out on the occasional ride, but not worry about as it was described as being in good working order. Unfortunately, the...