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    Donor bike. Great parts.

    Just got in this Univega Alpina with Magura Race lines. Rockshox mag 21 with 1 in steerer in 180mm in length.Mavic 517x sup rims with Xt a Fat with the need of some great parts??$450.00 with some possible negotiations������
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    Wicked Uni crown fork

    I've got a Wicked Uni crown fork for sale. 1in color white and the steer tube is cut to 5in long from the crown seat. $200.00 if you would like photos I can email them to you. Paint is ok has scratches and shows normal usage. When I can I'll try to up load photos here. Thanks for looking. If...
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    It's coming.........
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    Hey all I am in the search for a large yo frame 92-94 let me know what ya got. Thanks
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    A wicked Wicked

    Here is a wicked that I did up this week.It was a bit of a basket case. cracked seat tube under the seat collar,rust pinholes at the bottom of the seat tube,The good thing is There was hardly any sparkling when we welded the pin holes. " fingers cross " it should be a super fun townie bike for...
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    Collars !

    I am in Need a pair of un cracked Collars. Anyone have a stash ????
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    Merlin fat beat HELP

    Hey Gang, In need of some help locating a seat stay crown for the YBB,the one that is on this is cracked on both sides, if you happen to know of an old Merlin dealer, that may have some parts or what not Please let me Know...of there # I have tried contacting Merlin with no luck. this is going...
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    Ti on the Brain

    Any one got any recent builds there doing with one ?
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    looking for a S wicked or buck

    Hey all starting to look for a size small wicked or a buck frame, the kid is starting to out grow the xs buck Let me know whatcha got thanks.
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    Merry christmas cogers !

    Hope everyone has a great holiday and new year ! Cheers :beer:
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    slim chance

    Hey Fellow peeps, A former employee Of FFC contacted me today.She would like to sell her Slim Chance. I will have some pic's and more details In a day or so. her asking price is 1700.00 So stay tuned. Cheers
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    Can you say Chris/Cross !

    More to come !
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    looks like the electronic spamers are back.
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    bike pedia

    So I was digging around today on bikepedia looking for a value on a a bike here in the store. so I decided to check out fat chances and a bike they had listed was a ti Chris Chance. makes me wonder if any we sold & or how many were made.
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    The man

    How funny would it be if Chris Lurked around on this site. keeping tabs on all of us fat junkies.
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    What's your favorite fat chance ?

    Mine would be the team comps. Rolling Art !!!! Thanks Scott :beer:
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    FC open house

    How many of you attended the open house's ? It was always a great time. And the ride was always awesome....
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    my monster

    here is my monster.
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    Raceace turbine bars

    Hey all, kinda stumbled onto a deal so I will pass it on to you. I got some turbine bars 31.8 clamp 680 mm in length price to you. will be $35.00 + 5.00 S.S in the lower 48. only here are the color choices. 6-green. 4-purple. 3-pink. 3-black.and 4- gold. also there are 4- blk flat bars. These...
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    Hello,Are any of you hoarding any RS-1 fork seals ? need a set bad !!!!!